Please hold me tight

As you hold me tight my fears subside

Tears of joy I cannot hide

The pain is washed away

As on my knees I pray

When I felt so down

In my sadness I began to drown

The loving embrace you with me shared

Taking away my despair

In my deepest place

You showed me grace

I surrender my anxiety

To love that dwells inside of me

As you hold me tight

I know I can see the light

Hold me tight as my fears subside

Thank you as the tears of joy I cry

Wipe them not from my eyes

Please just hold me tight

As with joy I cry

  I share this from a place of love as I am so moved to do so. The silver lining in a storm that I once again find myself walking through, this time however I am a changed man for all the storms I have walked through. I am loved and as I love it is a gift I share as I embrace my self with what I found inside. The gifts of expression have helped me in so many ways especially on cloudy days. As I stand above the clouds that pass me by tears of joy now I can cry knowing this storm to shall subside and the sun shall once more shine bring a smile to this heart of mine.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts in an artistic way, all of it is in my way asking and sharing a smile in hopes of making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you and please share a smile and share your love our world can use it!

Superman and me… The deeper Love

As I heal after the bleeding has finally stopped it has been a gift to share and exchange thoughts with many friends and it is a greater gift to express some of those thoughts artistically with some friends especially in a collaborative effort. This collaboration with a fellow blogger and a great friend I share although somewhat more prose than poetry I share it as a poetic expression of the conversations I have shared with my friend as he has given me support and encouragement during the healing process of a wound that has bled for many years.  Thank you CK for your support friendship and love!

The Deeper Love

Why did you leave me?
Why didn’t you love me as I needed you to?
I knew unconditional love,
your actions taught me conditions,
you abandon me, you didn’t protect me,
I now am searching outside myself for answers to why..
Left with no answers deep down inside.

As time went by and I grew

The love of me I never knew

The years went by many tears I cried

Wondering always each day that wen by

What was so bad that I did

That you walked away from your kid


All my love was there for you,

Was it not enough to make you true,

I felt the burn deep down inside as though something

Was taken from me with no reasons why.

Knowing the sadness of what I felt I knew inside, the

Painfully looking out the window I would cry.

Growing into this man I would be

Lonely and angered disaster for all to see.

As the years went by the day was buried in my mind

True destruction came as the pain was never left behind

Whiskey, women, drugs, beer and wine in comfort sought

None could undo the damage of the buried thought

As I lost everything more pain and sorrow did it bring

Felt at a loss not knowing as my heart screamed

Lonely and hurt only nightmares instead of dreams

My soul came through to heal all of these violent things,

With love it do so, it did so deep,

No places inside do my dreams await.

I know the pain of what it meant to carry,

It was finally a release I had to give and it was scary.

I can now love inside of the dream that was always hidden

I know this is the path of a deeper love I was given.

As silence surrounded me alone I found me

The prison I was living in a gift you see

Deep in the darkness a gift of light and a dream

 Perceived twisted reality no more did it scream

The depth of love so far below buried now exposed

In the light of my beautiful heart it now glows

No longer bound by the painful prison

The deepest most beautiful love I have been given

By Clark Kent and Joe B.

  I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts as I heal and reach for the stars, I hope we can all find inside the gifts from our wounds stop the bleeding and heal. It is that deeper love that shows us the true beauty of who we are individually and collectively Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.