A poem and an apology to a king… I am sorry Ivon!


As I walk in the world of men

The heavens have been my best friend

Darkness giving way to the light

Stars shining so very bright

Time and fate have their way

Yet my heart will have its say

Destiny of a pauper king

Reach for the stars and live your dream

I may not live my dreams in the world of men

In the heavens with my best friends

I am a king amongst the kings of men

As I love and cherish all of them

The kings of heaven my best friends

Share their love with me

I will walk with them always

In the world of men

 I owe an apology to a beautiful man and a King in his own right, the gifts of inspiration he shares with so many as a teacher of our youth and of men. The poem is of my heart and although is not really relevant my apology is heart felt and as a simple man like me I can only be me. I am sorry Ivon in my heart of hearts I meant no disrespect when you honored me in such a way as re-posting my poem. We may not meet here on our earth yet when we return to where we came we shall embrace as Kings a King of dirt and a King of knowledge both with hearts of gold and having shared our love with all mankind as given the gifts of the Divine.

Pleas forgive me Ivon, with much love in my heart I am sorry! I never meant to miss spell your name! My beautiful Friend Mr. Ivon Prefontaine!

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a poem as it is National Poetry month here in the U.S. and i have such a love of poetry! Please share a smile share your love and help our world become a better place for all we share it with.

One thought on “A poem and an apology to a king… I am sorry Ivon!

  1. Joe, thank you for the kind words. They are appreciated and received with humility. Take care and have a wonderful day. You make a great point that we should see the Kings and Queens we meet in various ways each moment; for we are all Kings and Queens in some manner.

    Take care,


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