A tear a loss of fear and a poem by a thirteen year old girl.

I wish to share a thought or two, as I started to slip into despair peace came upon me once again. The gifts of love from many friends, has given me back my strength of self. Many things have been given me in times of what for me in the past seemed to be a bad thing. Being born into a family and place of little wealth even when I have had nothing I have had much. I was recently reminded as I read a publication of collected thoughts and dreams dedicated to and by future and present Queens.

I had been scared as I shared in an earlier post as to what my future may bring and the thought of giving up on my dreams even if just to put them on hold as I worried about the mounting pressures financially I came upon a story a poem by a thirteen year old girl. I was reminded of being thirteen and homeless I was there by choice as I listened to her sweet tender voice and the tear rolled down my cheek I was embraced in the love of life and the little girls of the poem I embraced in my heart and with my loving strong arms reached for them I know my dreams will come true. Thank you Gaylene for the hug you gave me and the love of your beautiful heart reminding me of how powerful I am.

The beautiful poem I share with you:

Homeless Child

By: Gaylene B. age 13, go girlz

Homeless child

I can see the shame in her little blue eyes

 as she watches others pass, oblivious in their lives

A gentle night breeze brushes her silken hair.

 She looks like an Angel illuminated in the glare.

She hugs herself for warmth under red white and blue,

 holding tight to a single toy that is her friend, loyal true.

She sits in somber silence as people pass her by,

 to busy in their circumstance to hear her silent cry.

Glutton at their table, they pass without a clue

that the little girl may be hungry.

Have we become so calloused?

Are we so blind to the pain that we can pass a child in need,

 and not hang our heads in shame?

Have we so easily forgotten the Lords decree,

 “Whatsoever ye do the least of these, ye do also to me”?

Have we become so heartless, so selfish in our lives,

 that we are no longer moved by a homeless child’s eye?

I can see the happy flush, Her blue eyes show no fear.

As I gather her in my arms,

My brown eyes fill with tears


My fears subside as I embrace the fate that befalls me whatever it may be as I look at a single toy a friend my oldest friend, loyal, true. A toy I have carried my whole life that at thirteen I hugged on a street so cold to keep me warm under the red white and blue. Should I end up on that corner again I think I will pass on my friend true, to a beautiful child with eyes of blue as I hold her tight and share my greatest gift. The love of my beautiful heart the only thing I can give that will always be true. My blue eyes have seen much this I know is true, if the heavens love me as much as I love the Universe and all that dwells within my dreams have to come true. The means will find a way to my door that I may share my love with all I meet the needy and the poor. To share a meal with them even if they have no door many times I have shared even with no means. As it is my greatest gift the powerful gift I am given the gift of words and love the dream must come true. The dream I have of the means to live my life sharing what I have been given.


I would share with you the collected works if you so desired I have many copies and will ask the KUED 7 station if I may post a link to the project and perhaps a pdf file with the book. If you e mail me I will send a hard copy if you would like one. It was a privilege and honor to be included in such a wonderful and touching book.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I hope we can all share a smile and share our love making our world a better place for all we share it with.





I am so grateful to be surrounded by and loved by so many great friends. In my life my friend Lee stands beside me and loves me in such a special way. I am honored again by the encouragement and the gifts he throws my way as do so many on here and in my life! Thank you for being my friend!

Relationship Reinvented

This is dedicated to a dear friend.. seeking a path…

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A poem and an apology to a king… I am sorry Ivon!


As I walk in the world of men

The heavens have been my best friend

Darkness giving way to the light

Stars shining so very bright

Time and fate have their way

Yet my heart will have its say

Destiny of a pauper king

Reach for the stars and live your dream

I may not live my dreams in the world of men

In the heavens with my best friends

I am a king amongst the kings of men

As I love and cherish all of them

The kings of heaven my best friends

Share their love with me

I will walk with them always

In the world of men

 I owe an apology to a beautiful man and a King in his own right, the gifts of inspiration he shares with so many as a teacher of our youth and of men. The poem is of my heart and although is not really relevant my apology is heart felt and as a simple man like me I can only be me. I am sorry Ivon in my heart of hearts I meant no disrespect when you honored me in such a way as re-posting my poem. We may not meet here on our earth yet when we return to where we came we shall embrace as Kings a King of dirt and a King of knowledge both with hearts of gold and having shared our love with all mankind as given the gifts of the Divine.

Pleas forgive me Ivon, with much love in my heart I am sorry! I never meant to miss spell your name! My beautiful Friend Mr. Ivon Prefontaine!

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a poem as it is National Poetry month here in the U.S. and i have such a love of poetry! Please share a smile share your love and help our world become a better place for all we share it with.

Dreams my reality and Michael Jackson… The man in the mirror!

Have you ever felt like it was a bad thing to chase your dreams? Or perhaps your dreams were stifling your reality? I am sharing a thought and a piece of my own reality as I ponder the dreams in my heart and my reality. I wonder at times how my dreams are in a way pushing me farther down a hole that at times feels like it is about to swallow me. To be quite honest as strong as I am and after all I have learned in life I am scared.


I have been devoting much time perusing my dreams of writing about thing I have been through and inspiring others to reach for the stars while in the dirt. The dirt is a place I have been most if not all of my life my face has been planted in it so many times I taste it even when eating the most delicious of cakes or the best cut of steak. I once dated a very beautiful Lady a debutante that loved my simple pure self and as she walked away explaining she dated Congressmen and Senators she did have a nice weekend with a King of Dirt yet couldn’t be with a king that had no castle.


I wanted to change that and had thought that by following my heart and reaching for the stars I could and would change that. I need no castle; in fact my dreams are to see the world, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zeeland, Greenland, the North and South poles. Share meals and exchange stories of life with people of all walks of life and share smiles and love with those that have only a hand full of grain to eat as well as those with twelve course meals served on plates of silver. I have shared many meals with many people in many places my favorite memories are of one with the poorest yet most beautiful in a ghetto in Germany. I had longed to walk in Africa and share a smile with the little children that have so little perhaps only water to drink. I also longed to share a meal with the one percent and share the story of my meals with those I have shared with those beautiful friends I have shared meals with in ghettos in Europe and the ones I most know here in the U.S.  My friends in Newark, N.J., the Bronx, Binghamton, Patterson, Philadelphia, and even in Salt Lake City Utah.


I had the dream of writing and sharing through talking or speaking perhaps both of helping those in the ghettos and other kings and queens of dirt to change our world their lives and my own through love and kindness. Inspiring the one percent to look within and help those who could benefit from just a little bit of what they could share by means of a few dollars and a smile a better quality of life and the end of their hunger. I had hoped and dreamed of being successful and being able to contribute in a meaningful way to ending hunger in our world filled with abundance and share my love of my fellow man and share smiles with some of those that so needed one. I had the dream of making it and inspiring those kings and queens of dirt to reach for the stars and hunger no more and live in a castle of stone rather than living on a sidewalk of stone or a bed of dirt achieve their dreams.


I had the gift of being published and although not for money I felt very good about my contribution to such a great cause. I feel very blessed and am very grateful for the opportunity and the gift as it is the first step and I have another debut in another book which selected three of my writing works I felt that hope of realization that I had been published and things were changing. My life is truly filled with amazing gifts and love has changed me in so many wonderful ways.


As I pulled into the parking lot to attend the reception in honor of the writers and contributors of the Women’s and Girls lead project I was pulled over by a local police officer and cited for an expired registration and inspection. As I stood there in my finest attire, waiting for the ticket and wondering if they were going to impound my car, I thought about what a friend, once very close to my heart had said. “The time you spend writing and chasing a dream would be better spent working a second job and making some money so you keep a roof over your head and gas in your car as well as food in your cupboard”. One of the proudest days of my life as I stood there I didn’t even have to think about my bare cupboards as I know they are empty. I did have to think about those haunting words.


I am not ready to give up on my dreams or myself, I may have to put them on hold for a while and find a way to put food on my shelf. They didn’t impound my car I did get published and with any luck I have inspired a few. I love writing and I love me as well as all of you. I am falling fast and pray the Universe catches me before I splat into the nothingness from where I came the dirt I have known as home. I have the choice of writing and following a dream or being responsible and finding a second job so I can survive. My obligations financially to my children are done yet the back obligations to me former wife are not forgiven nor done for another year even though she has no reason other than greed for holding that over my head.


I know not yet what I am going to do I just wanted to say If I don’t write for a while it is not for lack of desire it is for survival. I am not scared of my dreams I am scared of being homeless again even though I would survive and learn much the lessons of the past have taught me perhaps my dreams are foolish and it is better to just be the simple man and carpenter I am and work with my hands and have a roof over my head. I am grateful for the gifts my hands have given me, I had hoped and still do that the gifts in my heart are worth far more.


I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and I hope we can all share a smile and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. I am most grateful for the support and friendships I have received here on WordPress and in my life. I will write when I have time and look forward to reading all of your posts and words you share. I want to end this post with a song I find to be one of great inspiration and one I embrace on this beautiful day… thank you and I ask your wishes of the Universe may catch me and let me live my dreams! I ask the same for all of you! Much love, Joe!