Magic lamp

If I could have one wish what would it be
I thought about wishing for two or three
Millions of dollars would buy a lot
Or perhaps the love of one I have not forgot
As I  pondered some beautiful thoughts
I remembered the greatest gift I have got
The love I found inside myself
Shared with the world many would help
If I had a wish granted me
I would ask for all of humanity
A gift of the present that would last
The gift off forgiveness forget the past
My wish if it were to be granted me
While surrounded with all this insanity
Wars, killing, taking our dignity
Under the disguise of making us free
The truth is the wish I would wish from me
For the love I feel inside that you see

If only for a moment I could share
With all of those on this earth as I care
Given and taken for what it is worth
Priceless a treasure given all at birth

A happy loving heart and the joy it brings
The love of all from paupers to kings
Shared even for a moment the love in our hearts
Would to our earth bring peace and love a fresh start
If a wish for me were to be granted too
A wish of love I would share with all of you

3 thoughts on “Magic lamp

  1. Joe, you have shared your wishes here my friend as you have shared your heart.
    Would that we could have those wonderful wishes come true, what a wonderful world would follow.
    You words come from your heart… Many thanks for sharing them with us..
    Blessings Sue

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