I See You, Thank You: On Giving and Taking

I have to share this… I loved your page and thank you for introducing me to one of the most Beautiful human beings I have ever seen! For all that should choose to read this post please watch the video one that is very pure and to the heart and living and loving our fellow humn beings by being who we are vulnerable loving and as it was spelled out in the video we need to trust and love one another!

The Rook & Ragbag

    “The artist appeals to that part
    of our being … which is a gift and not
    an acquisition—and, therefore, more permanently enduring.”

Some people are stumped when I give them something to show them I care about them. Baked goods, notes, stories, cards, letters all indicate that I value the recipients, but people often get confused when I offer these things randomly, believing that they require occasion or, worse, reciprocation.

Amanda Palmer recently gave a TED talk about her experience with sharing as an artist and the human connection of asking. “The Art of Asking” brought to bear the question of art and the artist’s place in a modern, capitalist society. Here is the video; it begs to be watched (see what I did there?):

I sent this talk to several friends for several different reasons. One fellow artist needed to see that we are never alone…

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3 thoughts on “I See You, Thank You: On Giving and Taking

  1. Thank you! I am honored. I’ll look forward to read more of your work during National Poetry Month as well.

    • Thank you and you are welcome it is I as well that am honored as you have shared and share such great gifts. I have been touched by your post and it resonates deep in me the gift your post shared… I need help as well and trust I will be caught as I fall! I am learning to not be ashamed to ask and you have shown me a beautiful side of humanity I may not have seen if you hadn’t shared your post with us and me! Thank you! 🙂

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