Its official Friday.. And my journey briefly shared in getting there.

I would like to share a thought or two, as I am so moved. I am actually very happy and quite wishing to share why. This Friday a simple me turns a major page at least to me, I am officially to become a published author or perhaps writer is a better choice of words. It’s kind of funny in a way as I didn’t even consider or think about writing anything until a few years ago when my money for a therapist ran out. Homeless divorced and living on what I had left of my unemployment checks after child support was taken out. I was living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cigarettes and faith. My own daughter wouldn’t be seen with me in public as she was embarrassed her dad slept in the WallMart parking lot.


Writing was my therapy and my friend; I had never really thought I would ever share any of what I had written. I also never dreamed I would attempt to write and be published anywhere I to be honest was quite scared of what people would think of what I had to say. I also was afraid to express myself in words on a page, because I was not educated beyond my tenth grade in High School even though I had taken my GED and graduated two years before my class in school. I was that kid that never did homework and always got an A on the tests even though I rarely went to class. I was worried that the educated and literary community would just laugh in my face at my lack of grammatical skills.


I wrote my first poem in a heartbroken state and knew it was a work of art, I chose to post it on a dating site hoping for a sympathetic woman to perhaps hold me in my despair. Funny thing happened; I never got that woman to hold me I did however get a gift. An academic and an English Professor as well as a quite well known poet commented as to what I felt. I had created a beautiful work of art, an expression from my soul as raw and beautiful as a soul can be. Pure honest from the heart poetry in motion, expression that required no education, other than life’s lessons the most beautiful education a simple man or educated one can learn and embrace. I thank her and owe her a debt of gratitude for sharing her thought with me..” A beautiful and well written piece I love your prose!”


I met a lady a few months later as I had to travel to the other side of the country to get a job and be able to live outside of my car. She encouraged me to write and suggested that I write a blog. Writing a blog you can write about whatever you want even things that make you happy. I started writing a blog and things began to change inside of me. I loved to write! As I wrote more and shared more I began to have some confidence in my gift of self-expression. Things in the last few months have changed my life through writing and sharing my soul.


I have recently sat at tables with some very educated people and to share what one of those people shared with me is an honor I cherish. As I sat at a table with an English Professor with a Doctorate in Literature and a Marketing Guru with a Masters in Communication discussing some of my poetry and some other random writings the question of my talent and ability was answered in a way that removed all of my fears. The fact that was shared was one I want to express to all those that may let the fear of education stop them from following and living their dreams. The marketing guru, commented that he was in awe and a little jealous. I asked why and his response touched my heart and took away any thought of fear. I am in awe that you can sit at a table or in a room of very educated people and not only hold your own intellectually you actually educate them. You are an average Joe and your presence and your pure and raw expression brings such an energy that one cannot help but walk away with respect and admire you person.


I have no idea where or if I will end up as far as writing and being published I do know that I am quite proud of being published in the two publications I have been given the gift of being published in. I am happy to be me and been given the opportunity to live and express myself and be accepted by those publications. I can also share the fact that the one person I truly wish would be at the reception and recognition party will most likely not be there. The bitter to compliment the sweet I suppose.


Anyhow I am grateful for the opportunity to share these thoughts and your taking the time to read and share them with me. I would share one more… Anyone can write and we are all poets and philosophers if we share what is pure in our hearts even a simple carpenter can help make our world a better place by sharing the love of his heart and a smile. I hope we can all look inside share a smile and some love expressed in any way even a simple smile as it does make a difference and it does help our world become a better place for all we share it with. Love and be who you are and change our world in a positive way. Thank you for sharing with me.

I will share a poem next as it is National Poetry month. I shared several with my writing group and the poetry group today and felt compelled to share as I did here another side of beautiful me!

25 thoughts on “Its official Friday.. And my journey briefly shared in getting there.

  1. Although my native language is not English (sure is noted :)) I read carefully every time you write.
    And today I can only say I am very happy because you’ll be able to fulfill one of your dreams.
    Congratulations, I hope this is only the beginning of a new and fruitful stage of your life.

    • Thank you, I am grateful you read my pages and even more so as I do know your native language is not English. I also am deeply touched you not only read my words and take the time to comment I am very touched after reading my words you choose to share such love in yours! Thank you and I am going to get a translate button on my page soon.. I have to change the theme I use and change for the times and the friends I have been making. Thank you and I wish you the greatest fo gifts as you share the greatest. May great love surround you and be with you every where life takes you!

      ♥ Joe

    • Thank you Eric, I am grateful for the comment and the opportunity. My journey is a great gift and has shared many surprises and gifts, the best of which is love and the many friends I have shared with along the way. Thank you for being a friend and inspiration, your support has been much appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you my Beautiful friend! You and your support as well as friendship have been a great gift. Inspiring, well you have inspired me more than you may realize, and we have shared and created some beautiful art together. Thanks my friend, love and peace I wish to share with you! 🙂

  2. Joe, I am delighted! really excited for you, Life always has a plan my friend, even if as we travel the road we often do not see our destination we are guided and nudged from time to time as we get inspired to write our thoughts and follow our instincts… Keep following yours Joe and know you are one very talented man with a huge heart.
    You give of yourself and it is that purity and honesty which attracts us ..
    I am so proud to have you among my own community of friends Joe, and Good luck with your published works,..
    Have a vision, for I see you aspiring and meeting every challenge with strength and courage that you have shown in all aspects of your life’s journey..
    Keep Going- and Congratulations….
    Love and Blessings~ Sue x

    • Thank you Sue, I am quite touched and honored for your comment and the compliments. My published works at this point are in a way priceless even though they are not for financial gain they are with any luck going to help and inspire a few of my fellow human beings to be more loving and share their talents and hearts for a worthy cause. Women’s and Girls advancement towards equality. Being one of few men fortunate enough to have their written essay and a poem chosen to be used is an honor and a priceless gift. The fact you share with me and all of us is a priceless gift. Thank you Sue!
      Love and blessings to you as well,

  3. Congratulations Joe. It’s wonderful to read how passionate you are about your art, and despite the trials you have had to endure, how enthusiastic you are about the possibilities of life. I hope you’ll share that first poem!

    • James I am really grateful for your support and the friendship you have shown and shared with me in the short time I have had the gift of sharing with you and I want to say thank you! I may in fact one day break out that poem from the dust where it lays and share it. Thank you for the smiles and comment the compliments! :0

    • I thank you Julianne and yes I will and in fact have shared it already on here, I posted it here first to see what my blogger friends thought before I submitted them. The project is not one of financial gain yet far more rewarding as it is for the advancement of Women and Girls. Thank you for your friendship and support. When I actually get published and have a shot at financial gain one of the first copies is going out to you signed and shared with the love of a good friend!

  4. Sometimes you meet a friend at the top of the mountain who can show you the world view from different eyes, even the eyes you didn’t know that you had. It is in that breath taking moment that you realize this man has given you the greatest gift you can ever ask for, it is the love of a man who went through as many mountains and found humbleness and a deeper place of love inside. You do that my friend.. in your words of poetry, in your experiences in life. Your love is radiant in all forms. I am proud of your accomplishments and know that I am very fortunate to have your friendship within my existence. You are the brother that always makes me honored to have inside of this world we both experience. Your words continue to write within the sky to know that true destiny in love is real and can be found it even the utmost deeper places within you. Thank you for being here and there. From the mountain top with you. Clark

  5. What an inspirational post! And congratulations on your writing success to date 🙂 Long may it continue! As I’m sure it will 🙂 Thank you for taking the time and interest to visit and like my blog, and for the follow – The Pack welcomes you and you are always very welcome any time you should feel to stop by. I am eager to follow your blog too, though I am having no end of problem with updates both via email and via the W/P reader, of late so I hope you will excuse me if I am somewhat delayed in visiting on occasions – when updates don’t appear in the reader or end up in the deleted box of my email before I’ve even seen them lol it can be a little difficult to know someone’s posted! I mostly get there in the end lol so I hope you will bear with this li’l ole Wolfie 🙂 The Wolfie heart is in the right place even if the updates aren’t!!
    In the meantime….May wolf walk ever beside you, and give you rest in his shadow… 🙂

  6. Joe – Congratulations of finding and liking you. What a journey that is. Many people never understand the concept of liking themselves. Your writing is inspiring and because you write from the heart, I’m not surprised that you will be published. Since I started following your blog, I’ve noted your consistence in writing and posting. Of course we all know that’s a sign of becoming a successful writer. It appears that you are on your way.

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