Wonderous Butterfly

As I flutter by I feel your wonder

Standing on the ground and all down under

I share a thought with you

Beautiful places traveled through

It seems like not so long ago

I crawled along on the ground below

I started exploring branches and trees

Enjoyed the adventure and felt truly free

Somehow surviving through all the storms

Then crawl into a shell to die and be reborn

The chrysalis empty as wings fluttered to dry

Beauty and grace to every eye, everywhere you fly

From the ground and below where I rest my feet

Flowers for pillows, a beautiful treat

To the stars in the heavens, I hope to reach

I could only imagine while chewing on that leaf

As I flutter by, this is the thought that I think

I wonder did you notice that I smiled and winked?

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I sometimes feel the stories in nature reflect our own natures in many ways. As it is almost the end of National Poetry Month and I feel inspired by a beautiful thought i chose to share an artistic expression of inner realization of evolution. Change is good and sometimes we need to go in our shells and discover who we are. A trip worth taking for as we come out from the inside we get to share a smile and wink as we pass by. The beauty and the love we share as for the stars we reach with every passer by.

Please share a smile and share some love helping our planet and all we share it with. Thank you for being positive change and making our world a better place. Thank you for sharing your time and smiles with me. 🙂 Joe