A tribute of Gratitude to one of my Teachers.

Under this sky so blue

Scarlet, pink and purple hues

A day of celebration life a new

I often ponder every step

Loving the people who scarcely wept

Knowing the world would never forget

Breeze blowing soft gently flowing

In the darkest of times knowing

Your love and comfort is glowing

On this day I honor you, your love true

For our God in Heaven, the oceans blue

And all including this simple man that love you

Under the sky this night in honor I kneel

Neither shame nor despair do I feel

Your love shows us how to heal

As I end the day in my heart and soul I say

Thank you my Lord for showing the way

Through love of all to have peace one day

I kneel and bow my head to you

I love you Lord

Thank you


15 thoughts on “A tribute of Gratitude to one of my Teachers.

    • Thank you Eric, I am grateful for your compliment and your taking time to share it along with your comment and the smile it brings. 🙂 A truly great teacher and a not so great student that is grateful for his teachers Grace.

  1. gorgeous tercets, humbling sentiment, mellifluous words–what more could a lover of poetry want? (besides 20 more hours in a day!!) beautiful Joe…I hope to catch up by this weekend, so keep an eye out for this chick!! (currently buried, but digging out from under…hehe) Have a great day, sweetie. 🙂

    • Oh Karen you do know how to paint with words and bring a smile! 🙂 Thank you and catch up when you can, I am so truly happy for you! It is good energy you are riding and I am grateful you share some and send some this way with your lovely thoughts and sentiment you share! 🙂 I had a great day and hope you did too, you Gorgeous smiling soul!

  2. I think this poem is so touching and inspiring! It reminds me of one of my teachers who helped me with important choices for my future and was there for me when I had personal problems! This wonderful poem perfectly describes how grateful you feel!

  3. I love this piece. The manner in which you presented your gratitude is befitting 🙂 It reflects the greatness of God as a teacher, Father, friend, sibling and saviour.

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