A thank you to Ivan and a comment on a comment…

I would like to thank Ivan pre Fontaine, he re blogged a post a poem actually and I am honored. This particular post was commented in turn by a fellow blogger and his comment inspired a response that went beyond the size of a comment and in turn this post is my response. It is a rare thing to me to have such comments as this one was unusual in a few ways. Almost like a question yet not a question, an intriguing invitation perhaps in a most beautiful way.


The post shared was a poem I titled the post “The Prize” I had sent an E mail to the writer of the comment to which I have gotten no response. I had asked permission to use their comment in this post and since it has not been honored I will just share the last line.

love is constant but genesis is a dynamic active method in order



If superior a man shall be he shall serve others on this knees.

The power of creation is a powerful force creating change through space and time.

Created by the thoughts of all mankind

Love and creation with love of the divine creates the change positive of the love and being kind.


The gift of the creator of everything I love, was everything created, was with divine love created.

Inside we are all connected in that place from where we came and where we go

Knowledge gained to wisdom turned, the lessons lived the lessons learned

The prize for me as I journey through life is the gift of living it. A gift from the divine and fate is living it with value of the lessons I have been taught. Priceless is the value of the gifts I have received its value:

Is based on the love we have of every living thing as much as the love of all that we see shared with all humanity

The words of many throughout history say it in so many ways for all of us to see

If in your heart and in your mind you live each gift of breath and every heart beat the gift of love living life within the question you speak

I reflect on the story of two of the greatest philosophers of their time. Two of them whose words have stood the test of time. The most well-known one Confucius, an elderly scholarly kind, knowledge of many subjects an educated mind. Prime Minister, of a Kingdom next to the King in line. The other a simple man, with no exterior color shown, a simple man of simple means living in a cave.  A story in me that resonates as in my life the path I chose so closely that relates he shared with a scholar the greatest gift of all and I imagine after several days of trembling he heeded the call. Lau Tzu was the man that lived in that cave the scholar had come to see, thinking that perhaps the future he could see. When his question was about what happens after we die, flame began to rise Confucius swears blue swords stabbed him inside as he looked into Lau Tzu’s eyes. As pure honest energy, expressed in words not intended to malign flowed from the simple purest answer he could share

. He asked a question to and perhaps we can all see why the well-known Philosopher dropped to knees, and trembled as he left the dark and evil cave that man is dangerous all should stay away. Lau Tzu looked at him straight in the eyes and asked had he lived if so what would he reply? I ask as you have many thoughts an educated mind, in your life of living what did you find? You live by many others words do you have your own? Is it your life your living or one, others have shaped and grown. Death is certain it will come when it does, are you going to live it when you’re there? Live life each moment be who you are and be grateful for the moments as simple as they often are. Love the gift of living and being where you are live, death will come, what have you done, as you repeat the words and scriptures of others are you living?

The gift of the drawing, while consulting the Yi Jing,  a rare passage that in the 5 years I’ve never drawn.  Two days in a row I drew a line in a Hexagram that referred to The good fortune of maintaining the path of the Dark Sage success is sure to follow.

The book of changes shared with me “The Dark Sage” has a lesson to share with your beautiful soul the universe takes you there. To learn that there is love in everything don’t ever be despaired.

The love of all creation is in every breath we take and every thought that we make.

If we love the life we have even when we make mistakes the change positive our thoughts and energy shared make our world a better place.

The responsibility of the superior man we all can choose to be is to be a better man than we were yesterday and embrace the biggest lesson learned along the way. Live life with the love of living live!

What will happen in or come to be in 2270 or if the next ice age will come to pass the speed of a comet how slow or how fast. The thought of love and Genesis is a dynamic method in order inspired me to reply and express this question I wonder why you would ask or express such a thing? Yet I have the answer as inspired to write this post to appreciate the gift I love the most of living in the moment and the thoughts in me you provoked. So much was I inspired I expressed my thoughts as I wrote Thank you for sharing your lovely note.

I wondered if the dark sage they referred to was the sage in a cave Known as Lau Tzu, who asked the question are you living, do you live loving the gift of living?  I ask are you living each moment as the best you that you can be, do you love the stars above, the ground at your feet, do you love all you see and all humanity? The gift of a poem written to share a thought fun I had creating and so many gifts it brought I leave the thought here with one final quote. “Share a smile and share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Live with love the gift of every moment you are given to live.


A side bar and note.. The fact is Lau Tzu never wrote a word… All the words written and stories told of him were by his disciples and other men.