I am not a stalker and not a creep

The love for you I had ran so deep

The pain I felt and the pain I gave

Shredded us both and put our hearts in a grave

The time has come to share the truth

Forever inside is my love for you

You won’t even hear my words

The sight of my name gets on your nerves

I have changed in so many ways

The forgiveness dwells in my heart today

I wish you could forgive me too

I know in your heart you love me its true

Perhaps we shall never embrace again

In my heart you will be my friend till the end

The past is past and the day is new

I have to just share what I feel is true

I no longer desire to be so sad

No more the poison of being mad

Just beautiful memories of the love we had

I no longer wish for you

I accept your point of view

As I put the past away

Thank you my love

For a new day

The lessons I learned as my heart yearned

The anger inside as I felt burned

The love inside has washed the feeling away

I will no longer be lead astray

I am not a stalker or creep

No longer will your words make me weep

I had for you a love so deep

You threw me away and I felt cheep

I stand tall and shine bright

Living without you I will be alright

Knowing I will not again hold you tight

Love inside has set things right

I just had to share the truth

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