The prize

The path of the dark sage

Is not for all

It is a gift for those that heed the call

Those that have fallen and lost it all

Alone in the darkness and the light too

Deep inside they find what is true

Love that dwells inside of you

Dark sage walks the path alone

Turning over every stone

Not to care about a home

All of space and time to roam

The gift the lessons and the prize

Is the love of the Universe

The beautiful ride

Not living in selfish pride

The earth and the heavens

His beautiful bride

As he turns the tattered page

Embracing the gift

The dark sage

14 thoughts on “The prize

    • Thank you Eric for the comment and taking the time to do so! it is appreciated, the expressed thought was from the Yi Jing and as in five years of studying and practicing I had never drawn or come across the passages of the dark sage and somehow drew it twice in two days was inspired to write about it and the message it shared with my soul. The love of the universe is the love we all share. I take the meaning to heart and choose to embrace the notion. The book of changes like life is constant and the path is one of a temporary nature for a valuable lesson that the heavens are teaching me at this point in time.

      • sire you are right mostly
        when i see greatness like you i become the least among you
        if i want your service i merely lower my head i bow to you
        this is a trick to love enemies so peace shall reign
        no war ever did not have a trespasser
        a protector and a God on a mountain
        life is not constant Eskimo have an extra ;layer of fat to survive
        the meteor shower shall mr no 7 2265 the ice age in 2270
        life will seem constant but the 300 Newtons laws are my whims
        love is constant but genesis is a dynamic active method in order

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