New Beginnings a poetic duet

A creative work by the girl: Julianne Victoria

And the boy: Joe Bradshaw

A tarot poem, we chose to do a collaboration and as a random place we both could embrace we chose a three card spread for spring. It was a chance for both of us to learn share and become better writers and artists. As well as some fun in creating a piece blind so to speak, line for line via e mail. I hope you enjoy it1



“New Beginnings”

The chains that bound no longer found

But the process of grief still lingers

A good message brings courage to follow dreams

For the seed has been planted for the heart to heal

Balance and control, confidence and success they bear

And the alchemy brings forth what previously wasn’t there



It is an honor to share another duet, male and female, complimentary opposites on a shared choice of subjects. I have found that it is quite beautiful and a gift in many ways to share creative expression and creating a work of art in such a way. Not only has that it enriched our creative talents and our appreciation of one another it makes us better writers and human beings. I believe and feel that a woman is every bit my equal and my complimentary opposite by natural law or Universal Law. I chose the format as such to share with the beautiful female or male writers that would choose to share such collaboration with me. Any subject two perspectives on a chosen subject in a choice of style mutually agreed upon line for line male and female or female and male. There are a great many beautiful women writers I would like to ask and perhaps should yet would not want to be arrogant. I have written a couple with some very talented and very beautiful writers and am working on a couple of others with some very beautifully gifted writers and artists as well as with the girl in the coffee shop at the hospital where I work. She says she’s a lover of poetry and couldn’t write one to save her life. We are changing that.

My friend “The Girl” @ theheartdump recently shared a nice note expressing the thought that we may do another poem together. I would and will be honored to do so. She made me smile with the greatest fo compliments as she mentioned I probably had many female writers and poets looking to share a creative collaborative work of art in such a way.

On that note I am going to end this post in an unusual way for me and just say:

Write with me! Send a note or a line and lets create a work of art!

Put” write with me” in the subject line and as my friend “the Girl” would say lets dance