How we affect our world and each other with our words…

I have to share a few thoughts as I am so moved. The last week has been one of great honor to me and my soul. I have been touched and felt so much love from my fellow bloggers my friends children and the universe with the gifts I have been given and I am ever so grateful and ever so at peace.

I am in awe at the effect our thoughts and words affect those around us and those we share them with. I am not sure how many would appreciate or embrace the thought of light energy or the energy of love and creation Divine Love or whatever your system of belief would call such energy. I only know that in a spiritual sense and a physical sense I am blessed with the gift of love and the energy it brings.


This week has been a week of gifts shared with love from above within and with out and the letter I just got from a friend is a cherished one I would like to share. It is a cherry on top of a great week one in which I have been given much love. I wanted to share this thought…  When you share your words and thoughts from your heart with love you affect many even if you don’t realize or think you are.


A post for you… If you want to share you can.. but this was written for you and all that you have touched us with in your writing and your words….

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I am for change….

How do your thoughts direct your energy?  Everyone remembers the story the little engine that could, do you remember the moral of the story, it was that when you say you can’t, you can’t!  When you say you can, you can!  Either way, you will be right!  This is no different than how you take the concept away from what your thoughts tell you to what your reality is before you.  You see the reason we create thoughts that keep us from doing the unimaginable, is because something inside of us tells us we can’t the only place to point though is thoughts.  There and only there it has to be summed up in the mind to state we can’t!  The survival tool the mind keeps, it’s content as is just a way of saying, energy has to be seen to be real.

Then I say define what is real to you.. Is your hand real, can you hold it over your heart and feel it touch you to feel your heartbeat?  This is not an error to the mind and the mind will instantly say yes before an actual action takes place.  How so, if the mind makes it true it stays true.  This is neither a puzzle to be solved or a diamond in the rough.  It actually is something that you can take to change who you are and who you want to become. Not just inside your mind but in all the things you do in every moment.

A change of direction is a change that brings about the brilliance in you to write the love that you do and why you do. You always had this in you. Even in those moments you were thinking what am I going to do now? Why doesn’t this happen or that happen?  Your ability to think it into not coming always has it’s place in doing so as you are always the energy that is wonderful inside you.  It doesn’t hang on good or bad.. just love..

You are probably reading this saying love… how could love be that… well a degree of love always is in place where energy is. When you focus it, you don’t use your mind, the love uses it to connect you to what it is that you stay in doing in that moment.  For that I am grateful to have your friendship and your love you always find a way to send my way..

For the places in you always seem to change everything in the world of the lives you touch.  Thanks Joe,

Thanks for allowing me the experience of your energy that has such a love inside of it!




From a hug and a shared poem to being re blogged and even having one of my poems shared by a blogger that is very selective and very much an enlightened spiritual being… I was posted between Osho and Einstien now that is an honor indeed for a simple man like me! I wish to say thank you and encourage all of us to share our love for each other and our fellow human beings as well as all life in our world and Universe. Nothing bad comes from the good of sharing love and words of positive expression. Good bad or ugly love is and it is the glue that holds it all together!


Thank you all for sharing your time and your love anf thank you all for allowing me to share mine! I am grateful humbled and honored for the gift of life and the gift of love shared with me every day I am given the gift of being here. Please be the change positive share your smile share your love and know you are making our world a better place for all we share it with.


Thanks Clark for your sharing and the love you share!


14 thoughts on “How we affect our world and each other with our words…

  1. What an incredibly beautiful letter Joe… thank you for sharing it with all of us today. Very moved indeed. Much Love to you ~ and thanks to Clark for writing it! ~ RL

    • Thank you Robyn, you have shared the same with me in many ways and I am quite moved by you and your sentiments shared with me and our world. Much love sent back to you and my sincere gratitude and appreciation!

  2. Well, that Clark is Superman no matter what kind of clothes he wears! His words ring with truth and humanity, and he is spot on right about you, Joe. I feel nothing but love when I visit your blog, and it takes courage (in this tough, techno-gadget world) to stand strong in your sensitivity. We all have moments when the world calls on us to take it on the chin, but a poet’s chin is better served by the mouth above it, and this post helps me to feel safe sharing my…um…secrets.

    As you yourself, do–as all written artists so…

    Please get back to me next week, okay? I wrote over 1000 words on my latest fiction this morning, and so I am thinking the time frame I mentioned for a collaboration will be on track. Maybe we should do something like a song lyric, where there is a distinct male voice, and a distinct female one…just brainstorming a bit, here…

    • Karen you are amazing I wonder where all that energy comes from… Thank you and I look forward to seeing what you have been up to and creating with you a work of art! :0

  3. What a heartfelt post and letter… It is apt perhaps that I view your post today… Today is International Happiness Day…
    Joe you share your heart with your readers and you bring much joy and happiness to those of us who stop by… You have a wonderful Gift.. the Gift of Sharing of your heart is truly a wonderful gift.. and your friend has shared his heart back..
    Energy of one soul to another is something that I hope many more around this world will learn to share with each other as they learn to live from their hearts…
    Many thanks for sharing Joe

    • Sue you are awesome! Thank you for being such a beautiful soul with all th e kind and beautiful comments and compliments you share with me and all of us! thank you Sue! 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you Susan, I am glad to have shared with you when you needed it That is a priceless gift for me that you shared that thought and comment. It makes writing worthwhile to feel like you have contributed even in a small way to another when they needed such! You have done the same for me! 🙂

    • Thank you Tina, yes I have and one of my treasured gifts is a coworker like you for a friend! Thank you for the comment, compliment and sharing them… What a beautiful smile have you given! 🙂

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