Midnight Dance

A special post and a first for me… A poem written with a very special friend and fellow blogger . The boy and The Girl  http://foolforethought.wordpress.com/

As he looked into her eyes
he found her heart that night

and with wordless conversations
there they set their hearts alight

As they embraced
in his arms she did melt

A connection of the heart and soul
across lifetimes they felt


Memories of love they shared
so long ago

As though somehow touched by the divine
from above now so below


From the depths of their souls
the feelings rose

Their bodies turning to poetry
their dance turning to prose


Enchanting melodies
their hearts sing

Of all that is amazing
of all their love could bring


Magic and creation
the wondrous things they could do

The night it seemed was endless
and closer still they drew

Each moment that passed
they wanted to forever last

Time moved slow
to hearts beating fast

Their tender touch
as the kiss they shared

Two hearts that now were one
two souls at once laid bare

The Girl and I 2013

The posting element in my dashboard has its own format priorities whether I like it or not! I am  quite honored to have been given the gift to write with such a beautiful soul and share creative expression and thought. Thank you “The Girl” for the beautiful work of art and the many smiles shared creating it!

Thank you for allowing me to share a shared poem and the smiles I hope it brings. Please share a smile and your love helping make our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂


23 thoughts on “Midnight Dance

    • Thank you we had hoped to create a nice piece of art and are grateful that you appreciate and like it! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your warm and welcomed thoughts. You always bring such a smile:)

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    • Thank you Karen it was a team effort and I am quite happy with the result. We are grateful for the comment and the compliment. Line for line and from the heart it worked out well from the other side of the world never speaking a word I had a great co writer! 🙂

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