My heart felt Thank you!

I wanted to express how grateful I am to have the privilege and gift of blogging on here and the gift of those that share their thoughts and knowledge as well as wisdom and most importantly themselves. It is only three months into the New Year one or so if you go by the Chinese New Year and I am very grateful for all the words and thoughts that have been shared by so many.


It is a gift in my heart that so many have chosen to share their words of encouragement and warm words of compliments and expressed sentiments. For the most part I am a very positive outgoing and openly honest and expressive, I try not to convey a negative message although sometimes and for the most part almost always share a positive through a negative. I have observed that many convey their thoughts in such a way and although some may have negatives with out expressing the positive it is still there if you look at it. By sharing they have done a good thing at least from my perspective as they have learned from the experience and allowed me to do the same.


That said I wish to say a very special thank you to a fellow blogger for a gift that touched me deeply and reminded me of how very fortunate and grateful I truly am. Many of the people that have shared their comments with me in fact all of them have in some way touched my heart and you have my gratitude. Two fellow bloggers have given me gifts that I will treasure in my heart of hearts. The sentiment expressed and the act of sharing and one actually wrote a poem for me has brought great joy to a heart that needed a smile. And in the case of this special thank you it was a hug thank you! I needed that hug!




There are so many others I wish to share this thank you with as well however it would be an extremely long post like the blog of the year award revised and that is just more work than I can tackle at the moment.


Thank you all for sharing your smiles and being the change positive and helping our world be a better place for all we share it with.