Learn and Grrow

It hurt so deep to know

You no longer me your love show

It took quite a while many months

The many days I thought of you more than once

The tears that I cried as I lay in my bed

The tortured thoughts that ran through my head

The sadness I felt in another’s arms

Caused me more damage did me more harm

The pain and the hurt so deep did I feel

Many months later I knew it was real

The love inside of me no longer grew

When like garbage you tossed when through

The death of the old the birth of the new

Another opportunity to find love true

It hurts so deep to know

However I am grateful to learn and grow

Just a short thought expressed as spring approaches and I try to be positive on a cloudy day! The sun always shines again so to speak.

I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Please be the change positive and share a smile!