A tribute of Gratitude to one of my Teachers.

Under this sky so blue

Scarlet, pink and purple hues

A day of celebration life a new

I often ponder every step

Loving the people who scarcely wept

Knowing the world would never forget

Breeze blowing soft gently flowing

In the darkest of times knowing

Your love and comfort is glowing

On this day I honor you, your love true

For our God in Heaven, the oceans blue

And all including this simple man that love you

Under the sky this night in honor I kneel

Neither shame nor despair do I feel

Your love shows us how to heal

As I end the day in my heart and soul I say

Thank you my Lord for showing the way

Through love of all to have peace one day

I kneel and bow my head to you

I love you Lord

Thank you

A thank you to Ivan and a comment on a comment…

I would like to thank Ivan pre Fontaine, he re blogged a post a poem actually and I am honored. This particular post was commented in turn by a fellow blogger and his comment inspired a response that went beyond the size of a comment and in turn this post is my response. It is a rare thing to me to have such comments as this one was unusual in a few ways. Almost like a question yet not a question, an intriguing invitation perhaps in a most beautiful way.


The post shared was a poem I titled the post “The Prize” I had sent an E mail to the writer of the comment to which I have gotten no response. I had asked permission to use their comment in this post and since it has not been honored I will just share the last line.

love is constant but genesis is a dynamic active method in order



If superior a man shall be he shall serve others on this knees.

The power of creation is a powerful force creating change through space and time.

Created by the thoughts of all mankind

Love and creation with love of the divine creates the change positive of the love and being kind.


The gift of the creator of everything I love, was everything created, was with divine love created.

Inside we are all connected in that place from where we came and where we go

Knowledge gained to wisdom turned, the lessons lived the lessons learned

The prize for me as I journey through life is the gift of living it. A gift from the divine and fate is living it with value of the lessons I have been taught. Priceless is the value of the gifts I have received its value:

Is based on the love we have of every living thing as much as the love of all that we see shared with all humanity

The words of many throughout history say it in so many ways for all of us to see

If in your heart and in your mind you live each gift of breath and every heart beat the gift of love living life within the question you speak

I reflect on the story of two of the greatest philosophers of their time. Two of them whose words have stood the test of time. The most well-known one Confucius, an elderly scholarly kind, knowledge of many subjects an educated mind. Prime Minister, of a Kingdom next to the King in line. The other a simple man, with no exterior color shown, a simple man of simple means living in a cave.  A story in me that resonates as in my life the path I chose so closely that relates he shared with a scholar the greatest gift of all and I imagine after several days of trembling he heeded the call. Lau Tzu was the man that lived in that cave the scholar had come to see, thinking that perhaps the future he could see. When his question was about what happens after we die, flame began to rise Confucius swears blue swords stabbed him inside as he looked into Lau Tzu’s eyes. As pure honest energy, expressed in words not intended to malign flowed from the simple purest answer he could share

. He asked a question to and perhaps we can all see why the well-known Philosopher dropped to knees, and trembled as he left the dark and evil cave that man is dangerous all should stay away. Lau Tzu looked at him straight in the eyes and asked had he lived if so what would he reply? I ask as you have many thoughts an educated mind, in your life of living what did you find? You live by many others words do you have your own? Is it your life your living or one, others have shaped and grown. Death is certain it will come when it does, are you going to live it when you’re there? Live life each moment be who you are and be grateful for the moments as simple as they often are. Love the gift of living and being where you are live, death will come, what have you done, as you repeat the words and scriptures of others are you living?

The gift of the drawing, while consulting the Yi Jing,  a rare passage that in the 5 years I’ve never drawn.  Two days in a row I drew a line in a Hexagram that referred to The good fortune of maintaining the path of the Dark Sage success is sure to follow.

The book of changes shared with me “The Dark Sage” has a lesson to share with your beautiful soul the universe takes you there. To learn that there is love in everything don’t ever be despaired.

The love of all creation is in every breath we take and every thought that we make.

If we love the life we have even when we make mistakes the change positive our thoughts and energy shared make our world a better place.

The responsibility of the superior man we all can choose to be is to be a better man than we were yesterday and embrace the biggest lesson learned along the way. Live life with the love of living live!

What will happen in or come to be in 2270 or if the next ice age will come to pass the speed of a comet how slow or how fast. The thought of love and Genesis is a dynamic method in order inspired me to reply and express this question I wonder why you would ask or express such a thing? Yet I have the answer as inspired to write this post to appreciate the gift I love the most of living in the moment and the thoughts in me you provoked. So much was I inspired I expressed my thoughts as I wrote Thank you for sharing your lovely note.

I wondered if the dark sage they referred to was the sage in a cave Known as Lau Tzu, who asked the question are you living, do you live loving the gift of living?  I ask are you living each moment as the best you that you can be, do you love the stars above, the ground at your feet, do you love all you see and all humanity? The gift of a poem written to share a thought fun I had creating and so many gifts it brought I leave the thought here with one final quote. “Share a smile and share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Live with love the gift of every moment you are given to live.


A side bar and note.. The fact is Lau Tzu never wrote a word… All the words written and stories told of him were by his disciples and other men.

What I see when I look at me

Happy to be me

Loving and living free

Happy to be me

Surrounded with love

The Earth below

The heavens above

Feet on the ground

Trees, bird’s, flowers, beauty abound

Love of all I have found

Nature my heart it sings

Love of everything

Happy love it brings

Oh my heart it sings

Love it brings

The love of everything

Love is what I was meant to be

Love is what you see

When you look at me

Happy to be me

Love it is free

Living love happy me

Ugly Beautiful the end and beginning

I am in a rather beautiful place and would like to share a thought or two as I reflect on the last couple of weeks. I have to say thank you to some wonderful friends for their support and the heavens for giving me the gifts of those friends.


In the adventure of my life several times it would seem I have revisited a particular place in myself as I question my being. These questions I pose to myself as I find myself in a very deep and painful place usually brought about by perceived rejection or abandonment. I shared some conversations in various ways with some very special people, gifts to me and us all in many ways as they share their gifts of healing and insight. I will also throw in a few other gifts like the internet and the access shared by institutions like BMPS and a few other places I have gone and looked at my mental health and personality type.


I started looking into my personality type and my EIQ as well as my IQ after being accused of being unstable as well as being as my former wife said” phsyco”. I felt and knew this to be untrue yet had to confirm such in a scientific way. I took every test I could find and even one at Harvard, the Harvard one after 450 questions asked if I would answer 80 more to prove I wasn’t lying. Funny how things work out. I proved myself and they asked if I could be used anonymously as a sample in their case studies. Between Harvard’s test and the Briggs Meyers Personality Test I was quite sure I was not nuts and in fact quite gifted.


That brings me to the last few weeks, I have been writing poetic duets with some very gifted people as well a Holistic Healer a Social Worker, a spiritual guru, and a very well-known and respected behavioral specialist. I was quite taken with their shared thoughts and perspective as they look past the outside and witness the pain in my inner self.


As I write and express my pain in a positive way through poetry and words my form of therapy shared in a way with others perhaps inspiring them to see the silver lining in life’s pains and the treasures from them I have gained. It is amazing that these friends have shared their thoughts and wanted to help me get to the bottom of these issues once and for all.


I have made tremendous progress in dealing with the deepest issue that of abandonment or rejection and even as one friend put it outright betrayal. The truth is as a young man of 8 my father left and I have never heard from him again. In the mind of an 8 year old when your father never talks to you again it causes many issues throughout one’s life that build from that and on that feeling of not being good enough to be loved. After that every rejection builds a bigger wound so to speak and forty years of not knowing how to fix it has taken its toll. I have studied and read books paid thousands of dollars to therapist that merely point to the fact that the answers are within and prompt one with direction to find those answers. I have the answers yet just putting a large mountain aside or knocking it down takes time and effort. I had a great conversation last night and must say the Yi Jing contributed to my realization of the end. The effects of the years of pain have taken their toll on every relationship I have had over the course of my life. I have taken drugs, drank myself stupid and even used sex as an escape from the real core of the issue.


I have been afraid of me, of not being worthy of the love I so desired the thought and feeling of not being worthy of love even by myself for myself. It has been a game or charade a mask of happiness shown to the world without being true. I look in the mirror and see my beautiful soul in tears at times many in fact. As I learn and begin to understand who I truly am I truly begin to love me as I begin to truly shine the mask and make up fall.


The dark sage as written about by the ancients teaches me who I am and what it means to truly be me, not that I was not a beautiful soul and human being because I am and always have been. It does however teach me how beautiful it is to be me and how to love who I am. The bulk of my life I have sought the approval and love of others, the many women I have loved and not been able to be with for the life and love I so desired to share with them. Through the pain of betrayal and rejection I have been given the gifts of the dark sage that I may learn how beautiful and special I am. Through the love of my friends I have found the dark sage and in the end, the end and beginning.


I have often wondered as I searched for me how I could have the same personality as President Clinton and by the Harvard study be a gifted leader that should be running a major corporation and yet not be able to have a meaningful relationship with a lady I loved. The fact is that I was afraid to love me and so where they. I may never be able to showcase my leadership qualities and become President and with my lack of formal education run a major corporation. I can say however I can love me and I can share my love of my fellow man and all of creation with all of the love of my being. As I have knocked down that mountain with the love of the divine that is within.


I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and I hope that someone may benefit from the long and deep lessons I have learned and learn that the key to living life is loving from within. Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive it begins within and we all share that bond of our love within.

The prize

The path of the dark sage

Is not for all

It is a gift for those that heed the call

Those that have fallen and lost it all

Alone in the darkness and the light too

Deep inside they find what is true

Love that dwells inside of you

Dark sage walks the path alone

Turning over every stone

Not to care about a home

All of space and time to roam

The gift the lessons and the prize

Is the love of the Universe

The beautiful ride

Not living in selfish pride

The earth and the heavens

His beautiful bride

As he turns the tattered page

Embracing the gift

The dark sage


I am not a stalker and not a creep

The love for you I had ran so deep

The pain I felt and the pain I gave

Shredded us both and put our hearts in a grave

The time has come to share the truth

Forever inside is my love for you

You won’t even hear my words

The sight of my name gets on your nerves

I have changed in so many ways

The forgiveness dwells in my heart today

I wish you could forgive me too

I know in your heart you love me its true

Perhaps we shall never embrace again

In my heart you will be my friend till the end

The past is past and the day is new

I have to just share what I feel is true

I no longer desire to be so sad

No more the poison of being mad

Just beautiful memories of the love we had

I no longer wish for you

I accept your point of view

As I put the past away

Thank you my love

For a new day

The lessons I learned as my heart yearned

The anger inside as I felt burned

The love inside has washed the feeling away

I will no longer be lead astray

I am not a stalker or creep

No longer will your words make me weep

I had for you a love so deep

You threw me away and I felt cheep

I stand tall and shine bright

Living without you I will be alright

Knowing I will not again hold you tight

Love inside has set things right

I just had to share the truth

Remembering an attempt at a poem and Using the translate button in reverse !

Inner desire and burning rage

Held captive like a lion in a cage

Lack of fulfillment and happiness

Feelings sometimes we can’t suppress

Feeling unwanted a sense of dismay

Gave your heart to anther who lead you astray

Forever the words of love did you hear

Whispered so softly into your ear

Thunder and lightning

Sent from the sky

Many a tear fell

As you cried

The spring and the trees began to blossom

Bringing a smile to your face

As you are really awesome

Something inside of the cage you had forgotten

Le désir intérieur et rage ardente Ont Tenu le captif comme un lion dans un Manque de cage de Sensations
d’accomplissement et bonheur quelquefois nous ne pouvons pas éliminer

Sentir superflu un sens de consternation A Donné à votre coeur à l’anthère qui vous mène hors du droit chemin
à jamais les mots d’amour vous a fait entend Chuchoté si doucement dans votre oreille

Le tonnerre et l’éclair Ont Envoyé du ciel Beaucoup une déchirure est tombée Comme vous avez pleuré

Le printemps et les arbres ont commencé à fleurir Amenant un sourire à votre visage Comme vous êtes quelque
chose vraiment impressionnant dans de la cage que vous aviez oublié

Il desiderio interno e la rabbia bruciante Hanno Tenuto il prigioniero come un leone in una Mancanza di gabbia
di Sentimenti di adempimento e felicità a volte non possiamo sopprimere

Sentire superfluo un senso di costernazione Ha Dato al suo cuore all’antera che ha condotto lei fuori strada
per sempre le parole di amore l’ha fatto sente Bisbigliato così dolcemente nel sua orecchio

Il tuono ed il fulmine Hanno Inviato dal cielo Molta una lacrima è caduta Poiché lei ha pianto

La primavera e gli alberi hanno iniziato a fiorire a Portare un sorriso alla sua faccia Poiché lei è realmente
impressionante Qualcosa in della gabbia che lei aveva dimenticato

Trying something new! I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two! I have seen several blogs that post in three or four languages some very beautiful thoughts and works of art. I have to cut and paste quite a few I read into a translate app or page and enjoyed the sites where the posts had a translate button or shared in various languages. I will be re doing my page over the next few days perhaps weeks and making it more international user friendly by adding a translate button and on occasion posting in a few languages even if I don’t speak them. Technology allows me to share and enjoy them!

I hope we can all share a smile share some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with! Thank you again. 🙂