I need a date… A curveball?

Today I feel like I should step back and let a pinch hitter swing for me. I recently read a book by Mike Dooley  “ Leveraging the Universe: 7 steps to Engaging Life’s Magic” an excellent book for inspiration in

In the book ne recommends letting the Universe pinch hit for you and well I am having a hard time with some of life’s curve balls. Recently I began to really miss one of my most treasured gifts A loving partner to hold and share life’s treasures with. I have a couple of online dating pages and recently asked and took out a few Ladies from them. The second date I met was a transgendered Lady that was a test of my grace as I chose to show my heart of love for another human being. I mentioned she should have made it clear in her page that she was such and sat down to dinner in my shock and listened to her story. I got a book out of the deal and chose not to take the kiss…. Needless to say things have not been going so well.


I have changed my approach to life and in doing so have begun to change my attire and the people I am spending time with. I actually have been taking a lot of comments at work from my coworkers as I have chosen to let the fashion experts pick colors and styles that work for me. It is a sin in my construction worker mans world to let a gay man pick your clothes especially if it’s a purple shirt and paisley tie with a dark gray sport coat with designer jeans.  I just feel that I would like to look my best as I start more public reading of my poems and writing as well as make an entry into the art world.


That said it is also my thought that dressed in a fashionable way I may actually attract a beautiful lady to accompany me on such things as dates and award dinners as well as other social functions. I also would like very much to attract one that likes to snuggle be romantic and appreciate spending time in such a way with me. Not a big biker babe or trans gendered lady or a TV watcher that loves her dog more than she ever will me.


I need a date for an awards dinner and would ask for a pinch hit from the Universe as well as a reader or two here, is there an online dating site that is worth joining? Any thoughts? Anyone want to go to an Award Dinner?


I share a curve ball thought and question as it just felt right to share a thought or two and look at the dinner invitation. I reflect on the memories of the last few dates and know they nor I would enjoy such a date… Not my typical post sorry!


Please share a smile and share some love helping make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive it starts within and comes out with a smile, a form of love shared! J

13 thoughts on “I need a date… A curveball?

  1. maybe a library is a better place to meet someone–an actual one, not virtual–or even a grocery store! (I’ve heard good things…) Or maybe look in your local weekly paper advertising events, and look for a “likely” prospect there. I think there are “mixers’. Plus, what about E Harmony? Those commercials look like Lunesta Butterfly they are so sweetness & light.

    It will happen if you put yourself out there, and have right intent. (but first in the right places!!)

    • Thanks for the support and the taking time to share it! I have squeezed a few tomatoes in the supermarket, I have faith that the right Lady will come along… I am quite a catch! And not overly unpleasant to look at… 🙂 At least I think I am.

  2. The Universe can never be hurried 🙂 and I am a great believer in the Universal plan… and I know only too well from my own experiences that we are meant to meet those we are destined to meet when the time is right… The Jig-saw of life slots together when all the pieces are in place, we sometimes have to turn them around a while and put them down to pick up another but eventually they fit…
    I am certain your jig-saw will find the right piece when all is ready and in place for it to be put into its place..
    Wishing you luck in life and love dear Joe and I hope you get to find a partner for your Dinner invitation…
    Take care ~Sue

  3. i hear every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man 😉
    If i may, if you haven’t already, i would suggest looking up social clubs of your particular interests – perhaps doing a search for “meetups” in your area. Great way to meet people who share similar interests without the stress of dating right off the bat!
    That may be an option that falls somewhere in between internet dating and produce squeezing 😉

  4. I think you ought to do and feel and be what you are and want and what’s right and you’ll know. And always keep trying and stretching and challenging yourself and continue being thoughtful about it. 🙂 Be ALIVE.

  5. Good for you Joe! I cheer you on and am tremendously inspired by your public readings of your poetry! I find Mike Dooley to be wonderfully inspirational although I haven’t read that particular one. But stretching out of your comfort zone while remembering the truth of who you are shows how ready you are for the right one to enter your life. She is on her way right now, trying her best to find you, and you will most certainly find each other soon. Just keep being your wonderful self, and keep letting those designers help you with new outfits, because the purple shirt ensemble sounds pretty snazzy to me! Go Joe Go! (that’s me cheering you on!) 😉 Cheers, Gina

  6. Certainly change there, and for the good. Wishing you luck with some ladies out there…..you will see it is very interesting and you meet all different souls, learning more about women. I have dated on line too and i put it down to an experience. I certainly got to understand men more 🙂 All the best for you and enjoy it! Ute

  7. Good luck to you – whether it’s tomato squeezing or library hide-outs, you’ve simply got to be out there. And you certainly are 🙂

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