I need a date… A curveball?

Today I feel like I should step back and let a pinch hitter swing for me. I recently read a book by Mike Dooley  “ Leveraging the Universe: 7 steps to Engaging Life’s Magic” an excellent book for inspiration in

In the book ne recommends letting the Universe pinch hit for you and well I am having a hard time with some of life’s curve balls. Recently I began to really miss one of my most treasured gifts A loving partner to hold and share life’s treasures with. I have a couple of online dating pages and recently asked and took out a few Ladies from them. The second date I met was a transgendered Lady that was a test of my grace as I chose to show my heart of love for another human being. I mentioned she should have made it clear in her page that she was such and sat down to dinner in my shock and listened to her story. I got a book out of the deal and chose not to take the kiss…. Needless to say things have not been going so well.


I have changed my approach to life and in doing so have begun to change my attire and the people I am spending time with. I actually have been taking a lot of comments at work from my coworkers as I have chosen to let the fashion experts pick colors and styles that work for me. It is a sin in my construction worker mans world to let a gay man pick your clothes especially if it’s a purple shirt and paisley tie with a dark gray sport coat with designer jeans.  I just feel that I would like to look my best as I start more public reading of my poems and writing as well as make an entry into the art world.


That said it is also my thought that dressed in a fashionable way I may actually attract a beautiful lady to accompany me on such things as dates and award dinners as well as other social functions. I also would like very much to attract one that likes to snuggle be romantic and appreciate spending time in such a way with me. Not a big biker babe or trans gendered lady or a TV watcher that loves her dog more than she ever will me.


I need a date for an awards dinner and would ask for a pinch hit from the Universe as well as a reader or two here, is there an online dating site that is worth joining? Any thoughts? Anyone want to go to an Award Dinner?


I share a curve ball thought and question as it just felt right to share a thought or two and look at the dinner invitation. I reflect on the memories of the last few dates and know they nor I would enjoy such a date… Not my typical post sorry!


Please share a smile and share some love helping make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive it starts within and comes out with a smile, a form of love shared! J