Chapter one as I change the format… Change is good!

Infancy from birth as seed

Son of a bastards fathers deeds

My greatest hero abandoning me

From birth a growing flower was I

The choice of life the sun shined

Water enveloping me tears love divine

The lessons on the journey of mine

The life of a simple beautiful flower

Having many black clouds seen

The fiercest wind and rain

The tears of joy the tears of pain

The sun that always shined again

The gift of a life mine


My life from the gift of love of the divine

Artfully expressed as from my heart I find

I choose to share my story in poetry and rhyme

Should I stumble and fall from time to time

Forgive me for I have although it took

A life of beautiful tragedies

 Lessons learned enough to fill a book

First glimpse of the sun my tiny leaves

Exposed to a storm it began

To shape the life of a simple man

My father a street rat so to speak

A rebel son a father never claimed

Not responsible for such a treasure

His loving Grandfather proclaimed

Took the sprout to a very treasured place

The love there embraced


 Put a smile on my face

From one to three, love is all I feel

 Love is all I see my time of growth

 My stem beginning to grow

Green as green after the fresh fallen snow

Melted by the sun above

The gift of my Grandparents

The first love I knew that forever would be true

From that gift the flower grew

Chapter two

The wind blew a new reality


My mother had two children new

The leaves on the stalk grew a few

Thunder struck by my hero the first I ever knew

The memory that strikes me most

As me in the pool he threw

 The first fear I ever knew

The fear of drowning as he walked away to prove

If you care enough you’ll figure it out

If it’s life you choose

Swim or drown if you sink you lose

The first gift of love the universe displayed

As the thunder struck the winds fiercely they blew

In the height of my dismay

My lungs beginning to fill with water

My soul full of pain my heart feeling broken

The very first display

A gift from a neighbor girl I do not know her name

Helped me to the shallow part my first taste of shame

In my heart she is the first in my hall of fame

A gift of love shared as the stalk it bent

The sun it shined again

After a torrential spring rain

I chose to share a bit of what I have been working on. Originaly I had wanted to express my story in a standard way. I find it easier to express myself when it comes to emotion through poetry as it allows a different deeper perhaps even more heart felt display of such emotion. At least for me some of the greatest stories have been shared in poetic form and as my son told me the other day. Be you dad raw and uncut don’t sugar coat what you feel.

I am changing as I have chosen to do so, I am becoming and am who I am an artist a poet a writer and a beautiful human being. As such and with respect of who I am I choose to honor the greats and share my words in the most respectful way I can for all who are part of my story. All that are reading this now are part of my story and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share with you this moment in time.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and a part of my latest creation I do hope you may have shared a smile. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Chapter one as I change the format… Change is good!

  1. Thank you Sheri, I am grateful for your comments and it is the desire to express the other side as the gift of experiencing the ugly side. One other interesting fact, although men and women as well as all that exists have shaped my life. women and girls have taught me the most on a personal level. They hold the most places in my hall of fame as they have been my greatest source of inspiration and my most precious gift was opened by them. The height of glory and the depths of darkness…. Love

  2. I love this style! And one of my first remembered fears, too–the swimming pool thing, in my case a dock. What is it with parents thinking this is a good idea! Beautiful how you worked in a probable universal anecdote. And GB the little lifesaver girl. A silver lining.

  3. Joe your words do embrace the whole of anyone who can feel with any emotion…for your words can touch the deepness of a soul, and also refresh and revitalize a mind. Your words influence many very easily because they are so real and genuine as also the heart which gives them birth. I have nominated you my friend yesterday on my blog at, for the Most Influential Blog Award 2012. You bless me with your words always and i just wanted to recognize your appealing gift with the pen..congratulations and god bless you always.

  4. Joe this is a most beautiful way to share your story, and I so agree we who are sensitive often find it difficult to voice our pain in any other way than through our poems.. I know for me in the past, I wrote many a sorrowful poem… But thankfully we all change and as we do so we see that by releasing through word and thoughts, voicing that which we held deep within allows us the room to grow and evolve into the loving beings we always were..
    Many thanks for sharing your journey with us Joe..
    Hugs Sue

  5. hey!!
    Joe your expressing style is beautiful and u really express your story in a standard way!!
    i enjoyed reading your journey 🙂


    • Thank you! I happen to love very much your writing as well especially all those wonderful confectionery treats you share… I am happy that you like my writing and even more so that you take the time to share your thoughts1

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