The Girl, My honorary Valentine! A poem from the heart of mine!


My Valentine

I have never seen your beautiful face

Yet across time and space

In my heart you have found a place

I was touched by your words that a page graced

I was so moved that it was you I chose

Alone this day of love with which to share a rose

When your words I read tears of sorrow in me flowed

My heart felt the love from head to toe

The love your words showed

This Valentine’s Day

Even though you are so far away

I wanted so much to say

I will hold you tight as we dance the night away

Our loving hearts will start a new day

Although we have never met

A gift waits for us that we will not forget

Loves past pains we shall not regret

The best is yet to come I “Haven’t Met You Yet”

A special post for my Gorgeous Valentine “The Girl” my honorary Valentine date. My favorite Holiday that I was not looking so forward to this year alone on the day of love. Touched I have been by my friend and for today my Girl, I have never been graced with a poem and I am honored and touched for the show of love from my Cyber Valentine and the heavens above.

The Girl and my Honorary Valentine

Michael Bublé – “Haven’t Met You Yet” [Official Music Video]