My first oil painting…

My first almost complete oil painting... Thought? Keep my day job? Go to school?

My first almost complete oil painting… Thought? Keep my day job? Go to school?

I have decided to share a thought expressed in another form of art.


I hope you all are all having a great day and that we all may share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Any thoughts on the frame for this piece? Contemporary, brushed aluminum, Victorian?



44 thoughts on “My first oil painting…

  1. Thank you, it is always a gift when you share your thoughts. I have been working on a few paintings as a way to add depth and expression in my life. This one is almost finished and I would like to get a frame for it so I can make any adjustments and finish it. I am glad you like it I painted it for a friend that is no longer around so I was going to take it to a local gallery after it is finished and framed as well as a couple of others and see if they thought they were worth displaying. Not poetry or creative writing yet a wonderful way to express thoughts emotion and just good therapy! Thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions. 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment and the compliment, it brought me great peace as I painted this as it is expression from the heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and visiting as well as taking the time to do so. 🙂

    • Thank you Sheri, I am blessed to have your friendship and your thoughts expressed bring great joy as always. Thank you for sharing your time and taking the time to share with me. 🙂

  2. I really like this and I think art classes would be fine. I took them when I retired. Sometimes my soul just says….paint. Van Gogh said in a book that if you hear the voice, paint and the voice will become quiet. It has worked that way for me. Good luck, Barbara

    • Barbra you are awesome and thank you for the compliments and the encouragement. Sometimes my soul say’s paint as well and if it is in painting with words or the brush it does make the voice quiet and at peace. Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit as well as share your wonderful thoughts. 🙂 Joe

    • Robyn Lee, you are a great friend and your comment as well as compliment touch my heart and bring great joy! Thank you and I am glad you like it and thankful for your encouragement and your taking the time to share your thoughts. Sending love right back to you and thank you! Joe 🙂

  3. Joe – Your first oil painting speaks of carefully placed brush strokes with a gentle hand. I particularly like the color combinations you’re selected as it will give the painting a long life. If you decide to display it in your home and you want a modern look you could go with the black as suggested above, however if someone wanted something more traditional, you could perhaps do a triple mat and pick up the color of the mauve rose between two mats of one color and then go with a burnished pewter frame. There’s a million and one opportunities for this painting to have a long life and that’s one of the criteria I always look for before investing in any one piece.

    • Sheri, thank you for your taking the time to share such a lovely and insightful comment. I am grateful for you sharing your thoughts and it is such an honor to have you do so, you are very perceptive and I had wondered as to the gentle careful strokes would be perceived as opposed to powerful and commanding strokes that are prevalent in many of the works I have observed as of late in the local galleries. It was my feeling that i didn’t want to lose the delicate thought and feeling I felt while painting it. I am again most grateful that you took the time to share your thoughts they have brought great joy to my heart. Joe 😉

      • Joe – My husband is an artist in many genres and we’ve had the opportunity to attend gallery and museum showings around the world. Over the years we’ve collected but the most fun I have (other than watching what others are willing to pay for my husband’s work) is to see how a lot of people are content to follow whatever is the current trend. Truly great art, IMO, must speak to the person that lives with it on a daily basis. I don’t believe in having canvases locked away. I want them on my wall to appreciate. It’s the gentleness in the strokes that immediately drew me into your painting. I’m looking forward to seeing more. Sheri

  4. beautiful. yes, i was thinking a black frame but not lacquer, the shine calls too much attention to itself… something matte… mute… so only the painting speaks. i love the curvature of the brush strokes, the lines… the quiet blossoming of colors rendered by the red roses… and the white rose bespeaking/delivering a message from the artists mind and heart. beautiful.

    • Thank you it is a beautiful sentiment you share and the depth of your expressed thoughts are a treasure to me and my heart. I am honored you enjoyed the painting and were inspired to comment and the compliments are a treasure. I am grateful and look forward to visiting your pages and sharing with you. Thank you again, Joe 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing such a wonderful compliment and comment. I am grateful for your taking the time to share them and the smiles that they bring. Joe 🙂 I hope you had a happy Sunday as well!

  5. I am by no means an expert in art however your painting is lovely especially the vases. May I ask why the flowers are a dark shade was it done for contrast purposes? Was it your intent to make the vases the focal point of the painting? I hope you continue painting ! Sincerely Nancy

  6. Nancy, thank you for the compliments and the comment I am grateful as well as honored that you were inspired to do so. The vases were the foundation for the painting, a friend of mine and I were out looking for a piece that was black and white with a touch of red for a room already decorated in black white and gray with a few red accents. Finding nothing that was really what she wanted I suggested that she could find something on the internet and print it and put it in a frame. In searching for a print I came across a print of the vases. I had started a couple of paintings already and decided to paint a picture for my friend. She made a choice that was hers to make and is no longer my friend, that was the inspiration for the roses of a darker color and the black and white one. The beauty in love is reflected in the flowers both dark and light as well as the depth the color added to the vases and the overall painting. I have some embellishments to make and complete the piece yet I want to get the frame so I an feel and put the feeling of wholeness in the picture. Thank you for your encouragement and the question. I am going to continue painting and perhaps may share a few on here in the future, This piece isn’t my best piece as I have a couple of others I am working on that are far more from the heart and painted with more emotion. I am glad you like the painting and I am glad you chose to share your thoughts. Joe 🙂

  7. I am impressed Joe.. to say this is your first oil painting .. Wonderful… I find oils harder to work with, preferring acrylics and watercolours and Pastels … But to be fair I have never really given myself a chance to work with oils I only dabbled once upon a time when lots younger and because I didnt at first enjoy working with them I left them alone..

    I love the boldness and creative lines and yet you have shown us the softness of the flowers and Willow… Many thanks for sharing with us….
    Wishing you a Creative Week..
    Sue xox

    • You My Valentine are quite awesome, I am quite touched and happy at heart! Thank you for starting my day in such a way! 🙂 Happy Valentines Day my sweet friend and my love reaches to where ever you may be, thank you for sharing your love with me! ♥♥♥

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