Possible solutions, thank you, and Safari?

I wish to share a few thoughts as to my somewhat ignorance in a few matters regarding some of the Nations where the worst of atrocities are committed against Humanity and human beings. Especially and for the most part women and girls as well as young boys forced to join in or die consumed by an outdated system long ago abandoned by the rest of humanity. The tribal and feudal systems that prevailed in Ancient times. There are many lessons from the pass that may be part of the solution to ending such evils in mass.

As I talked with my co workers sharing some of my thoughts as to how to find a solution or at least help in some way with more than just words two of my co-workers shared a few brilliant thoughts. My original thoughts were how does one start a fund raiser and perhaps hire professional help that would use extreme measures to eradicate the problem. A friend of mine and a former Marine had brought about several points that I had to consider, the system of Government and the society is based on a system of war lords and families or tribes and clans. Who are the targets how do you identify the targets

And how much money can you raise, it would have to be done in another country as it is illegal to even advertise something like that in most countries even the land of the free. Then he said to bad you can’t find a way to get men to pay for it like a safari or something. I walked away thinking about his words and where you could get the best information as to who was committing such atrocities. Remembering some episodes of 60 Minutes, Nightline, and many other news stories from many other media outlets I thought I would start some research.

Then I spoke to another co worker inquiring how much a hunter like himself would pay to hunt the most dangerous predator on our planet. His eyes got as wide as they could get and he actually started to smile there is no amount in the world what the hell would you of all people ask that for. I expressed that with his knowledge of outfitters and how the big game hunters will pay 40, 000 to 60,000 to hunt a big Game animal and predators like the Grizzly and Lions, Rhinos, mountain lions etc. are the most valued by the trophy hunter. The possible and real rush from an encounter with possible bodily harm or even death facing natural predators almost as high on the food chain as us. His smile became a real smile as he then shared a real and occurring pirate hunt cruise where for a fee of a few thousand dollars you could take a cruise rent any kind of weapon even rocket launchers. With a guarantee of at least being attacked twice on the trip by pirates you could literally blow out of the water. The crew watched the videos and looked at the prices as well as the weapons available. Quite a deal for an adventurer with some time to kill so to speak and a few thousand dollars for a cruise is quite reasonable.

Then I woke up in a sense, as I remembered the Ancestors and the most documented of feudal systems and the gift of many treasures is in the East the cultures of China and Japan teach many lessons through the eyes and hearts of the Warlord the serfs, the women, the wise and the wicked the young and old. The battles fought. Combined with the fact that most who would rule in such societies want wealth and power yet have major opponents and rival clans and warlords have the same desire. I would plant a seed.

If there are several warlords or even one that doesn’t approve of and is saddened by the evils that surround him he could infect do as that Pirate warlord did and let your distant enemies pay you to dispatch your enemies. If a Grizzly is worth 60,000 how much is an evil vile creature the ultimate predator. Or there are many hunters who would certainly pay for the gift of hunting and killing such a predator. Or use the resources that are in these regions now.

My thank you to the many countries and governments and citizens of many Nations that are taking action. There are soldiers from many nations on the ground in some of the worst of those regions, like US Marines, French Foreign Legion as well as the British elite and many other nations providing the best hunters in the world. If I was a warlord that despised the ignorant ways of my enemies and the treatment of the people, I would make friends with my very powerful enemies from a distant land and help them eliminate my enemies while saving my people. Then perhaps peace will be the people of your countries ally peace within and a society where peace and human life are cherished rather than destroyed and chaotic.


Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and a special thank you to all the brave fighting men and women who risk their lives to help those in faraway lands and regions where the law and justice are not to be found and the inhumane treatment of our greatest treasure the women and children is prevalent.  Thank you for sharing your time and reading this post I hope to have brought a smile or two and ask that we as human beings share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.