Wish you were here!

Many Queens have I known

Held and honored both soft and stone

Few have my heart truly known

Those that would share a throne

Three have held my heart in their hands

Their love with me the envy of many a man

Taught me the most about me

In the end their love set me free

Call me Romantic call me a fool

Not all of life’s lessons are learned in school

The lessons that in the end I was shared

Were ones that I was not for prepared

To stand by my side and walk away

Each shredded my heart in a different way

Only to know the truth was from my hand to take

The knife that was cutting me apart

Was wielded on me by my loving heart

I expected and hoped for something that was not

Waiting for you to truly share your thoughts

Your silence in the end as you walked away

Left me with a feeling sad in a way

A gift I cherish this very day

The beauty of the gifts these three Queens

Clubs, Diamonds and Spades if I were a Card King

Have shown me there is A Royal Flush

For a Heart of Kings

The Queen of Hearts I shall hold dear

The gifts of love I learned as I forgave

The Queens and this King alike

For unrequited love

That cuts like a knife

Is a beautiful lesson

On the path of life

It leads to love that in the end

Always will be true

The love that dwells

Deep inside of you

For as they walked away

I knew I was not trash

As in the mirror I passed

Dark and ugly rage

The look on your face

Took away the Angels place

Darkness that you shared

In my soul I cared

As I saw my own darkness there

My heart has learned from the lessons taught

By the women that walked away and loved me not

Love for you and those times we shared

Forgiveness for me in honor bound

Took a long time in coming for myself to be found

One Special lesson that I have learned

The love that you give is the love that you get

The knowing that this is true

Is the love you find inside of you

The Queen of Hearts who she may be

The Lady who’s hand was meant for me

For her to hold mine as we journey together

Creating magic and creating history

Though I know not when we shall meet

The day, the time, the Street

I hope the time draws near

I wish you were here

A poetic thought I share I guess spring must be in the air. I share a video too as I was moved to do. I like to listen to this in the car with the volume up to beyond reasonable.

I hope to have shared a smile and thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts in a positive way. I am grateful for your presence and your taking time to share with me. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.