Wish you were here!

Many Queens have I known

Held and honored both soft and stone

Few have my heart truly known

Those that would share a throne

Three have held my heart in their hands

Their love with me the envy of many a man

Taught me the most about me

In the end their love set me free

Call me Romantic call me a fool

Not all of life’s lessons are learned in school

The lessons that in the end I was shared

Were ones that I was not for prepared

To stand by my side and walk away

Each shredded my heart in a different way

Only to know the truth was from my hand to take

The knife that was cutting me apart

Was wielded on me by my loving heart

I expected and hoped for something that was not

Waiting for you to truly share your thoughts

Your silence in the end as you walked away

Left me with a feeling sad in a way

A gift I cherish this very day

The beauty of the gifts these three Queens

Clubs, Diamonds and Spades if I were a Card King

Have shown me there is A Royal Flush

For a Heart of Kings

The Queen of Hearts I shall hold dear

The gifts of love I learned as I forgave

The Queens and this King alike

For unrequited love

That cuts like a knife

Is a beautiful lesson

On the path of life

It leads to love that in the end

Always will be true

The love that dwells

Deep inside of you

For as they walked away

I knew I was not trash

As in the mirror I passed

Dark and ugly rage

The look on your face

Took away the Angels place

Darkness that you shared

In my soul I cared

As I saw my own darkness there

My heart has learned from the lessons taught

By the women that walked away and loved me not

Love for you and those times we shared

Forgiveness for me in honor bound

Took a long time in coming for myself to be found

One Special lesson that I have learned

The love that you give is the love that you get

The knowing that this is true

Is the love you find inside of you

The Queen of Hearts who she may be

The Lady who’s hand was meant for me

For her to hold mine as we journey together

Creating magic and creating history

Though I know not when we shall meet

The day, the time, the Street

I hope the time draws near

I wish you were here

A poetic thought I share I guess spring must be in the air. I share a video too as I was moved to do. I like to listen to this in the car with the volume up to beyond reasonable.

I hope to have shared a smile and thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts in a positive way. I am grateful for your presence and your taking time to share with me. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.

I need a date… A curveball?

Today I feel like I should step back and let a pinch hitter swing for me. I recently read a book by Mike Dooley  “ Leveraging the Universe: 7 steps to Engaging Life’s Magic” an excellent book for inspiration in

In the book ne recommends letting the Universe pinch hit for you and well I am having a hard time with some of life’s curve balls. Recently I began to really miss one of my most treasured gifts A loving partner to hold and share life’s treasures with. I have a couple of online dating pages and recently asked and took out a few Ladies from them. The second date I met was a transgendered Lady that was a test of my grace as I chose to show my heart of love for another human being. I mentioned she should have made it clear in her page that she was such and sat down to dinner in my shock and listened to her story. I got a book out of the deal and chose not to take the kiss…. Needless to say things have not been going so well.


I have changed my approach to life and in doing so have begun to change my attire and the people I am spending time with. I actually have been taking a lot of comments at work from my coworkers as I have chosen to let the fashion experts pick colors and styles that work for me. It is a sin in my construction worker mans world to let a gay man pick your clothes especially if it’s a purple shirt and paisley tie with a dark gray sport coat with designer jeans.  I just feel that I would like to look my best as I start more public reading of my poems and writing as well as make an entry into the art world.


That said it is also my thought that dressed in a fashionable way I may actually attract a beautiful lady to accompany me on such things as dates and award dinners as well as other social functions. I also would like very much to attract one that likes to snuggle be romantic and appreciate spending time in such a way with me. Not a big biker babe or trans gendered lady or a TV watcher that loves her dog more than she ever will me.


I need a date for an awards dinner and would ask for a pinch hit from the Universe as well as a reader or two here, is there an online dating site that is worth joining? Any thoughts? Anyone want to go to an Award Dinner?


I share a curve ball thought and question as it just felt right to share a thought or two and look at the dinner invitation. I reflect on the memories of the last few dates and know they nor I would enjoy such a date… Not my typical post sorry!


Please share a smile and share some love helping make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive it starts within and comes out with a smile, a form of love shared! J

Chapter one as I change the format… Change is good!

Infancy from birth as seed

Son of a bastards fathers deeds

My greatest hero abandoning me

From birth a growing flower was I

The choice of life the sun shined

Water enveloping me tears love divine

The lessons on the journey of mine

The life of a simple beautiful flower

Having many black clouds seen

The fiercest wind and rain

The tears of joy the tears of pain

The sun that always shined again

The gift of a life mine


My life from the gift of love of the divine

Artfully expressed as from my heart I find

I choose to share my story in poetry and rhyme

Should I stumble and fall from time to time

Forgive me for I have although it took

A life of beautiful tragedies

 Lessons learned enough to fill a book

First glimpse of the sun my tiny leaves

Exposed to a storm it began

To shape the life of a simple man

My father a street rat so to speak

A rebel son a father never claimed

Not responsible for such a treasure

His loving Grandfather proclaimed

Took the sprout to a very treasured place

The love there embraced


 Put a smile on my face

From one to three, love is all I feel

 Love is all I see my time of growth

 My stem beginning to grow

Green as green after the fresh fallen snow

Melted by the sun above

The gift of my Grandparents

The first love I knew that forever would be true

From that gift the flower grew

Chapter two

The wind blew a new reality


My mother had two children new

The leaves on the stalk grew a few

Thunder struck by my hero the first I ever knew

The memory that strikes me most

As me in the pool he threw

 The first fear I ever knew

The fear of drowning as he walked away to prove

If you care enough you’ll figure it out

If it’s life you choose

Swim or drown if you sink you lose

The first gift of love the universe displayed

As the thunder struck the winds fiercely they blew

In the height of my dismay

My lungs beginning to fill with water

My soul full of pain my heart feeling broken

The very first display

A gift from a neighbor girl I do not know her name

Helped me to the shallow part my first taste of shame

In my heart she is the first in my hall of fame

A gift of love shared as the stalk it bent

The sun it shined again

After a torrential spring rain

I chose to share a bit of what I have been working on. Originaly I had wanted to express my story in a standard way. I find it easier to express myself when it comes to emotion through poetry as it allows a different deeper perhaps even more heart felt display of such emotion. At least for me some of the greatest stories have been shared in poetic form and as my son told me the other day. Be you dad raw and uncut don’t sugar coat what you feel.

I am changing as I have chosen to do so, I am becoming and am who I am an artist a poet a writer and a beautiful human being. As such and with respect of who I am I choose to honor the greats and share my words in the most respectful way I can for all who are part of my story. All that are reading this now are part of my story and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share with you this moment in time.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and a part of my latest creation I do hope you may have shared a smile. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with! 🙂


The Girl, My honorary Valentine! A poem from the heart of mine!


My Valentine

I have never seen your beautiful face

Yet across time and space

In my heart you have found a place

I was touched by your words that a page graced

I was so moved that it was you I chose

Alone this day of love with which to share a rose

When your words I read tears of sorrow in me flowed

My heart felt the love from head to toe

The love your words showed

This Valentine’s Day

Even though you are so far away

I wanted so much to say

I will hold you tight as we dance the night away

Our loving hearts will start a new day

Although we have never met

A gift waits for us that we will not forget

Loves past pains we shall not regret

The best is yet to come I “Haven’t Met You Yet”

A special post for my Gorgeous Valentine “The Girl” my honorary Valentine date. My favorite Holiday that I was not looking so forward to this year alone on the day of love. Touched I have been by my friend and for today my Girl, I have never been graced with a poem and I am honored and touched for the show of love from my Cyber Valentine and the heavens above.

The Girl and my Honorary Valentine http://foolforethought.wordpress.com/

Michael Bublé – “Haven’t Met You Yet” [Official Music Video]


I am not really one to re post someone else s work unless it really resonates in my heart and this post shared by a Warrior of peace and love has resonated deaply in my heart. Please enjoy and embrace the message shared.

Warrior Poet Wisdom


To Mock A King

Anyone can mock a man
And yes, most people do
Even without realizing
With their flippant spew

Anyone can mock a leader
Someone who tries hard
But often fails because they are
By their followers marred

Anyone can mock a God
Since most just can’t conceive
A being that’s far greater than
They are, they can’t believe

But there is a rare breed that can
Willingly mock a King
As a servant of one, I can’t
Think a sadder thing

My own King is one who receives
A lot of foolish mocking
I hear His name said as a swear
While I hear people talking

I hear the ignorant make fun
Without giving a thought
Of what this King did sacrifice
And lessons that He taught

They laugh and think this long-haired
Bearded King is so inane
They do not stop to think about
The suffering…

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My first oil painting…

My first almost complete oil painting... Thought? Keep my day job? Go to school?

My first almost complete oil painting… Thought? Keep my day job? Go to school?

I have decided to share a thought expressed in another form of art.


I hope you all are all having a great day and that we all may share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Any thoughts on the frame for this piece? Contemporary, brushed aluminum, Victorian?



Our Greatest Gift, Women and Girls

Our Greatest Gift

Women are made from little girls

Their smiles that shine like glowing pearls

Shiny hair some straight some with curls

They begin to learn and grow

Some no fear do they show

Love and compassion makes them glow

Strong are many as they should be

Standing together for equality

When they have such we have quality

The gift of women and girls

Sharing and caring they change the world

I am grateful for the gift of women and girls

Together we can change the world

The next time you see a sign that says free

Remember in some countries it may not be

So stand up and stop the hypocrisy

Women and girls deserve equality

All over the world not just our democracy

Women and girls are our greatest gift

When trough all the rubbish you sift

Women and girls our greatest gift

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I share an artistic thought and one that I felt inspired to share. I was thinking about my Grandmother as I looked at pictures of her over the years. I also thought about my daughter a soon to be mother of a daughter. I also thought about the many Queens of my heart and well of the gifts I treasure most in the material world I would have to say that women and the girls that grow up and become them are my favorite and greatest gift.

I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help change our world in a positive way for all we share it with. Thank you all 🙂