Women and girls changing roles in a global society

I was in a fortunate position at a lucky time and had the gift of meeting three artists and very beautiful human beings. I didn’t have the time to attend my creative writing class and took a few minutes off of work to check in with the instructor, I didn’t have the codes for my submission to the arts festival, competition. I am glad that I didn’t as I got the opportunity to expand my group of peers and share with more of the community. They were representatives of the community writing center at the Salt Lake Community College they had come to the class to encourage the participants to get more involved in the local writing community.

One of the projects was an invitation to the local community to share their written stories of women’s changing rolls in a global society. As the young Lady Ahmyah shared the topic and the concept I was moved to share some of the thoughts I have gained on a global perspective through blogging. As I expressed my thoughts to the group I had committed to submitting a few written words and submit them. I only have a few days so it has been on my mind. I share with you on the WordPress Site the words I share first as many of the beautiful posts shared here are written by women.

Most of the women I know in person are from the United States or Europe, they are in a way the most fortunate of the women on our planet. They for the most part have equal rights and opportunity. The governing bodies of democracy and freedom of speech have started to destroy the walls of hypocrisy. This has a number of great effects on our society and the betterment of humanity. It also shines a light on the bigger issues that affect our global society.

I read blog posts from all over the world and am quite shocked and appalled at some of the ways and even more so the reasons for some of the ways women in other parts of the world are treated. The biggest factor seems to be outdated tradition, religious beliefs and the outright disrespect and abuse of women and girls. After reading perhaps hundreds of blog posts from India for example it is my impression that the male dominated government and traditions dating back centuries treats the women of that country like property or even animals to be kept like pats and given away like work horses or slaves.

From my perspective in this age of information and technology we all should know that we as human beings especially women have much to contribute and do contribute much to our global society. It is through efforts like the SLCC Women & Girls Lead writing Project and those of other communities that we can affect positive change.

The largest factor it would seem is to bring the men and women together in a way so as they work together. As a group effort true change can happen on a large scale. Religious leaders can also help by recognizing the value of equality and contributions of the women in their communities and that the value of those contributions is far beyond just the physical. Unfortunately men are the greatest barrier to opportunity for women in most countries. I wonder why the fear of equality imprisons their minds and hearts. It would seem that if there were more women involved and more perspectives shared we could create better societies and governments.

I think the women of my country are moving forward in a very positive way as they reach out to each other and women of other nations encouraging education and cooperation. I am very proud of the women in my life and must say they are stronger than I in some ways as well as for the most part more educated. The wisdom shared for instance by my Grandmother has gotten me through some dark times and the love she shared in doing so helped me grow and become a better human being.

The freedom of expression and free speech is however a double edged sword and as I observe the many changes occurring around me it seems at times that progress reverts. In my observations of young women they seem to be going backwards through a lack of self respect and the respect for each other. The vulgarity and lack of dignity at times is just as appalling as the treatment of women in some of the poor nations by men.

I would like to as a final note just say that if we work together as human beings and encourage the women of our world to shine as the beautiful gifts they are, many of our issues especially those of violence may one day be non existent.  The shared perspectives of both male and female would finally balance the scales, create better governments and laws, as well as provide a dignified life for all human beings.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

The dream of a beautiful world where we are all equal and empowered is part of our future I am grateful for the women that choose to reach for and make that dream a reality. I am honored to have the opportunity to share in the dream as well as the reality. Thank you to all the women of our world and a special thank you to the women that choose to become leaders and examples for the future generations as well as ours. Your voices and words are changing our world in a positive way.

My thoughts briefly shared as well as my perspective. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

15 thoughts on “Women and girls changing roles in a global society

  1. What a beautiful and kind post. Thank you so much for all the loving kindness you share 🙂
    With gratitude for you, your friend, Gina

    • Gina, I am one fortunate person to share time and space with friends like you and your loving kindness shared. I am most grateful for your taking the time to share here as well as with your posts of sincere kindness as well as the love shared.

      Your friend,

    • Thank you for sharing the thought as well as the compliment. I am grateful for your taking the time to share with me and us, your inner beauty shines through your words. Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

  2. Speaking as the male half of my gravatar, as a husband and as the father of five daughters, I am very grateful for your post. Much good has been done in this country, as you say, and there is much more that needs to be done. Attitudes are slower to change than laws. I am from the South and I see clearly both how much and how little progress has been made in racism. I am not so optimistic for the future as you, but I am hopeful. Thank you again for being a public advocate for the rights of women.

  3. I wish there were more people in the world like you. It seems to me that the biggest barrier to acceptance is fear. What happens if I change my opinion of another? What will that mean for my community, my family, me? In my opinion, one of the keys is to not only encourage outreach, but support the first people who do the outreach. Consider them to he heroes, not villains.

    Wonderful post. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the compliments as well as the sentiment shared. You are of like mind and heart so are many we share with thank you for being a beautiful Human being and a beautiful Woman.

  4. Yes I see that lack of self-respect here also Joe in the younger generation.. sadly so many young girls and boys use fowl language and act dis-respectful to their elders.. But isnt this what we as adults have done, as we have often let them have their own ways far too much, and then they will turn around and expect it..
    Respecting each other stems from our cultures… and those in foreign lands who have long held women as objects of ownership to be without any rights it stems as you say from their cultural beliefs systems….
    We are in a new age now Joe I hope that as many atrocities are coming to light about how women are exploited and abused, that our societies will be shamed into understanding that we are all of us equal…
    We each of us need to understand that we each hold our share of the responsibility….. Until we start to respect ourselves and our family and neighbours then the world still has a long way to go…
    It all starts with US… You and I…. One small pebble…. creating a ripple effect… I hope Joe we can start a tidal wave in the way we each treat another Human Being! …

    Lovely post Joe..
    Sue xox

  5. In light of the women against sexual harassment march occurring in Egypt as I type this comment, your article strikes the subject matter in the heart- I recently went to Egypt as a tourist and found that, although the people are generally welcoming and open, there were a few men who thought it was appropriate to grope my behind and touch me without permission!
    Everyday, I am thankful that my parents chose to migrate to Australia all those years ago so that my sister and I could have a better life with no prejudice, racial hate or gender inferiority.
    Thank you for your insightful post and look forward to reading more, Sky xx

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