Negative and Positive… Treasure!

I would like to first say thank you to those that share with me as I have been in a position where my returning such has been limited. Sometimes things are just what they are and I have had some difficulties lately that required some patience and finances to overcome.  Life is still good and optimistic as I am all in the end will be Gorgeous!

I would like to share a few thoughts about positive and negative thoughts and expression of those thoughts. I have had the gift of sharing my insight with some friends in my writing class recently. My observation as I have shared in some of my past posts is that even though the black clouds linger there is always a silver lining.

We share a piece of our writing in class and then share feedback with each other as to how to improve our work. One of my fellow writers shared a chapter of a book he has been writing for several years. He has completed the book so it was his hope to get an honest critique before he sent it to a publisher or ten. The book was about his life, at sixty three he has quite a story.

The chapter he shared was very painful and exceptionally negative. Eight pages of negative and what to me was ranting and complaining about his relationships with family and his deceased wife in the end left the whole class ready to go and take an anti-depressant pill. Over the last two months he has shared a few chapters and they have all been the same negative monotone sharing of pain.

I was given the privilege of being the first to express my thoughts (by popular vote) I suppose for the positive energy I usually exude. I took a moment to find a way to share my silver lining in his story and presentation, difficult it was to find. In fact in finding mine I found his for him. I asked was there a point to his story other than to say life is a b$%* and then you die? Is there a good place or thought in the end he wished to express after all he had been through? He responded that on the last page he gets published and becomes a millionaire.

I then shared my thoughts in a way that he could understand and helped him find his silver linings, first no one wants to buy or publish a book that is purely negative. Who wants to read something just to get depressed? We all have enough in our own lives that can bring us down if we choose to let it. I asked about his wife and did he think she was in a better place? If so did it make him happy knowing that? I then encouraged him to start at the end of his book and work backwards revising his story with the positives he got from those negative experiences. Highlighting the positive through the negative finding the silver lining as the silver is where the gift is not the black cloud. We all have negative and hearing about another’s negative is part of life yet I wouldn’t pay to hear it… Its free and all around us. As is the positive, we are willing to pay for things that bring us up and to a positive place. Find and express the positive if you want to sell your book!

We all go through negative experiences, the price for finding the silver lining. Sometimes we pay a heavy price however there is in the end a great treasure if we choose to find and embrace the positive in the negative.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts, I do hope that in the end we all find the positive and embrace it rather than the negative. It is just as the words imply, negative takes away (love, happiness, friends, money, life, like a vampire sucking it away) positive gives (love, life and happiness, etc).

Please share your love and a smile making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you again for being the change positive!