Little Comet

A little comet streaking through space

Moving along at an incredible pace

Clarity and vision of heavenly grace


Cold and dark space and time

Surrounded by beauty the heavens sublime

Alone in the comfort of love divine


Attracted to light both near and far

Embracing the beauty of every star

Little comet of love where ever you are


Seeing a star and a planet of blue

Traveling closer as passing through


Around not through the star it flew

Though slightly melted it actually grew

The love from the planet its strength renewed


The pools of darkness the depths of the lakes

Neither good nor bad not judging mistakes

The tail of the comet leaving star dust in its wake  


Universe so vast both present and past

Spreading great love ever so fast

Little comet your dreams will come to pass


Traveling in lucidity searching and watching all that will be

Passing through many galaxies

Fearless and loving truly free

Sharing star dust creating loving memories

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts with you. My internet access is somewhat limited for a few days and not being a fast food junkie a trip to the burger place is rare. I post this post as I am given a gift. I am sorry for the delays and the lack of commenting on the many posts I read and share. Next week I should be back on track and as I have been working on a new business and writing poems and a book I hope to meet with a little more free time to blog more soon. I am trying to concentrate on my Entry in the Veterans Creative Arts Festival. The poem above is one of my potential entries as such your feedback and thoughts would be very welcome.


Thank you again and even though I have a semi smart phone I do enjoy reading you posts although I can not comment on them I truly enjoy them all. Please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you again and please share your smiles and your love!