Chung Fu… Within


Earth, air, water, living beings

Physical body, flesh, blood, dreams

Black holes, hatred, anger, drama

Celestial bodies, stars, space peace free from trauma

Empty yet full

Hollow yet solid

Lucidity, serenity, tranquility

Inner peace, ability

Freedom, love

In and above

Chung Fu

Brings this to you

Inner truth


JB 2013

I share these thoughts as inspired by a conversation with a friend. I met a lady for coffe and as we talked she had mentioned something that seems to be a common theme or occurrence in my life and relationships with others I encounter. Specifically women in this instance.

She had hesitated when I asked her to meet me for a cup of coffe and some conversation so we may see if we were compatible and may go out on a date. As we chatted I asked her why she had feared to sit and chat. Her response was actually very enlightening, “It is easy to go out with a jerk, if they don’t work out it’s no loss and there are plenty more to choose from. When you go out with a Gentleman and a potential keeper you risk real pain and sadness if rejected or things don’t work out.”

She expressed her admiration of my knowledge of self and asked how I came to such a point as I both attracted and scared her at the same time The attraction and fear came from that observation. She expressed that she knew I would never harm her or anyone for that matter yet she was afraid that as I looked in her eyes that I was looking through her and seeing what was inside without asking and that she already knew I knew her yet she knew not me.

I then shared with her my inner truth and what I had learned through much of my lived life. I used the Universe as my chalk board and expressed my darkest feelings as black holes sucking me in through anger hate and resentment. I expressed the stars as beautiful experiences and gifts of light. I expressed the path as reaching for the light or stars as the power of love pulling me from the black holes. As stars are light years apart and it takes time to reach them you spend much time in space, the knowing that you will reach the next star gives peace to being in that space. While in that space at peace one can enjoy the time observing the many stars and appreciating the beauty as the different galaxies unique in their structure appeared and disappeared as time passed.

In relating such I expressed that within we have the depth of space and the gift of time as we truly discover who we are. We are all stars so to speak shiny and bright full of love and giving light. When we succumb to darkness we become burnt out stars black holes in space and time that every shining star and traveler avoids if they are aware and see them sucking the light and swallowing it like a vacuum. Some stars are to big for the black holes to swallow and the black holes avoid them. She then shared her thought that I was one big ass star and very bright. I learned why it is so hard to find a woman to walk with me as she asked my help in teaching her to shine. I can’t be with you she said but you can help me out of my black hole and back into space. With that I told her she had already gotten out of that black hole and the answers were within.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and hope that some may benefit or be moved by the thoughts expressed to smile and look within and find Chung Fu ( inner truth). I hope we can all share a smile and share some love helping change our world in a positive way. Please share a smile share your love and make our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you again for your time and sharing it with me.