As act of love we can all make a difference.



I was about to take care of those last minute errands, but stopped to read the headlines. That can be a deterrent on a good day, depending on the news du jour. And over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of news. Much of it not good. Pick your tragedy or injustice. Unfortunately, there are many.

I have some wonderful blogging friends throughout the world. I am counting on all of you to help make a difference. Together we can. Please pass this on. Here’s the issue and what I propose.

I have been outraged by the death of the 23 year-old woman from India. She was brutally raped, beaten and then died from catastrophic, internal injuries due to this assault. Her so called male companion, as many of the media have described him, was actually her fiance. They were to be married in February.

Her family came…

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