Still standing

This deep dark pain the tears fall like rain

Every drop of blood flowing in my veins

Forever broken like  broken glass in a window pane

Replaced yet never the same

Please take away the pain


Your mercy and your grace

Can take away the bitter taste

I ask on bended knee your mercy and grace

As tears roll down my human face


Chasms of hurt deep and wide

Mountains of destruction foolish pride

Now not a friend nor earthly bride

Empty and hollow deep dark pain inside


Your mercy and your grace

Can take away the bitter taste

I ask on bended knee your mercy and grace

As tears roll down my human face


Laying broken on the ground

Flowers blooming all around

Love grace and mercy found

Me standing on a world that’s round

   I hesitate to share this yet I am moved to share and express myself. The holidays are my favorite part of the year and as my Holidays have so radically changed in the last few years it has been a gift to enjoy them on a much deeper level within myself. The last two years I have spent pretty much in solitude, my best friend having left me both of those and my children far away. I do have family close by and spent Christmas Eve with them,  we are all outspoken and sometimes lack tact I left before the family drama.

I share my poem and a little of my story after Christmas and before New Years as a way of sharing the path of one mans journey and depth and love of himself to be true to his being. It has been a gift especially this year that I have found me and learned to truly love and embrace who I am. That gift is of the divine for with no inner love and faith my prayers and sacrifice I would be a truly lonely and bitter man.

My lessons learned have begun to bring true detachment and true love to my being and given the gift of depth to my love for the divine and all of its creation. It is my true hope that as we move into the next year we may begin today to share the love we all have within.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and feelings in an artful form. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with. Please share a smile share your love and be the change positive. Thank you again!


14 thoughts on “Still standing

  1. What an honest and heartfelt sharing, beautifully rhymed and very touching. Thank you for sharing, and I too have felt that kind of pain. Sometimes when our knees hit the ground and we cry out to God for help, we can really get down to the business of living and growing. Good for you to have left before the usual family drama amongst your outspoken kin! I too have spent many years of solitude around the holidays, as my sons would always be picked up on Christmas day at Noon to spend a few days to a week at their dad’s. Solitude is lovely if we like the person we’re spending it with 😉
    Keep writing, dear friend, as your poems are outstanding and heart touching.
    Warm wishes for a special time as we welcome a whole new year. Happy 2013!
    Hugs, Gina

  2. Gina Thank you, you are a gift to many and I appreciate your taking the time out of your busy days and sharing. I believe we all have felt that pain at times and we grow from it I had hoped to express the side of communicating with the divine from within and expressing that the way to true change and loving the company you are with ( I like how you said that) is from that communion with the divine within. Thank you for all the work you have done within yourself and sharing your inner beauty making our world a better place!

    Warmest wishes for you my beautiful friend. I hope your year is filled with love and joy!

    Hugs back,

  3. Thank you, I am grateful for your taking time to read and comment on my pots. Thank you for the wishes. I wish you and yours a wonderful year filled with love and joy, peace and harmony as well! Thank you

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this powerful and melodic poem. Mercy and grace, God’s will be done. I once was lost, but now I’m found. Your poem resonates with everything I find valuable in life.

  5. Forever broken like broken glass in a window pane

    “Replaced yet never the same”
    this is so beautifully expressed! i do agree! things can be replaced but they r never the same! this brought so many thoughts and memories rushing to me at once!

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  7. Thank you for sharing such intimate thoughts. Poetry is like that. It cracks you open and bares your soul. But I think that is good. Many of us feel what you do. Poets and writers speak for those who don’t know how to frame their emotions.
    I know you have visited my site many times and nominated me for the
    “2012 Blog of the Year Award.” I thank you for that. I was honored. I am reaching out to the blogging community to read, share and even reblog my post to theirs. I wrote this after the 23 year-old med student was brutally raped, beaten and then died from such severe, internal injuries, due to this. This is for every woman in your life. Right now, this is a voice for the women in India. At the end of the post, I suggest taking a very small action, that might lead to huge results.
    Thank you and God Bless

  8. Its always hard revealing that part of yourself which we would sooner keep hidden, But sometimes it is only through that sharing we are given the chance to open up to ourselves, As often we harbour blame and guilt, and when we truly stand back to see ourselves.. We can then be much gentler with ourselves.. Emotional pain often tricks us into thinking we are alone.. I have found from Bitter-sweet experience that our Minds often make more torment for ourselves..
    Cleansing our thoughts by expressing them openly helps to clear away that debris that we have stored within.. We sit often churning around old thought patterns which have sharp edges upon our memory.. Writing them down, and speaking them outloud I find gives them less power..
    You have chosen a good time my friend to express that which you need to let go of.. As we start a New Year afresh with more love for ourselves..
    This was a wonderful Poem.. Iamforchange.. and one I know that will start and Change the I AM of you to a more positive brighter You..
    Many thanks for sharing this with us here..

    May I also add my Bright Blessings for 2013 and apologies I have been absent from your pages for a while.. I hope that I can keep in touch much more this Year..
    Blessings Sue x

    • Thank you Sue, I am grateful for your presence and your sharing here and on your pages. I am honored by your thoughts and your taking the time to share as well as express them. With great love and appreciation, Joe

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