Flowing gently sands of time

Hour glass of the Divine


Internal joy from sorrow

Love deeper today and tomorrow


Precious, grains of sand many yet few

Moments gifts of love shared with you


Peace and tranquility in your mind

When within you connect with the divine


From love and devotion, tranquility in motion

We can each bring peace across oceans


Precious sands of time crossing every line

Every continent every creation every mind

Passes through the hour glass of the divine


Flowing gently sands of time

Living with love what’s left of mine


I am grateful to have opportunity to share a thought or two. It is a gift to read all the wonderful posts on here as well as in our world as many share great acts and small acts of love every day helping make our world a better place. We all contribute in one way or another it is as it is. I do however take encouragement in the fact that so many are indeed being such positive beings and role models for others with their inspiring words and actions.

Thank you for sharing your time and a smile. I hope we can all be the change positive and help our world become a netter place for all we share it with. Please share a smile and share your love it all starts within, share a smile and let the change begin.