True Friends

Gentle and strong, the love we share helps us carry on

Softly speaking sometimes, silent, like the pause in a song


Gently carried in the wind, rain falling softly on your skin

Music of enchantment, your act of kindness, plays within


Quiet hope and simple dreams, gentle kind love shared

Your gift to me a treasure, ever in my life simple yet very rare


One of great feeling, knowing you care

Gentle and strong, the love of your kindness shared

I share a thought as I was given a gift from one I was not expecting one from. In fact as it is the only actual physical gift I received and the person it was from reaches the very depth of my heart and is in a way one of the most cherished kind. Hope…. In love there is always hope. Even more important is the basis of that hope a true friendship one of a deep unknown bond, to me a divine gift.

I hope we can all share a smile and some love helping our world become a batter place for all we share it with. Please be the change positive it starts within and is shared easily with a smile. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and perhaps a smile.