After the fall

Lonely, solitude, emptiness, Gratitude

Forgiveness, passion, change of attitude


Loving, learning passage earning

One who is gone, soul yearning


Perhaps never more

Heart not bitter, love for sure


Though the Heart may long

Love of the soul is strong


Bright for all to see

Standing tall with Dignity


Even when you feel wronged

Let love and your soul be strong


Walk the path that few find

Be at peace within your mind


Live and love as we were designed

Love as inspired the love of the divine

Love everything and all human kind

Love knows no boundaries nor space and time


Know love in your soul

No fear in your Heart



Share the Love of yourself

With everyone else   


Instead of living in despair

For someone who doesn’t want to be there

I share a thought or two in reflection and expressing in n artistic way my smile and some smiles to others that may enjoy the thought expressed. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all that we share it with. Positive change begins with love within, please be the change positive and remember a smile begins within. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

5 thoughts on “After the fall

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  2. Even when you feel Wronged -Let love and your Soul be Strong!—- So true I think if we can still stay strong and hold onto love we can go forward in courage.. Often we are faced with changes which can be a lonely journey.. We can often also forget to love ourselves..

    Blessings sent your way

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