Heaven and Earth the Battle within


Dragons fighting high above

Heaven and Earth fight with love


Not to main or to kill

Drawing blood against their will


Gentle Kind and discipline

How they fight a win, win


Sparks and Lightning all around

Emanating on the ground


Grounded deep within

Change begins we all win


Dragons fighting high above

Bringing light to darkness with love


Heaven and Earth

The Realm within

Joe Bradshaw (c) 2012


My thoughts expressed as influenced by a very treasured set of writings. I was actually doing to post a poem about sailing on a ship that came in and well that one one in my mind written I shall share another time. That Ship has great sails and the winds blow enchanted breezes.Some rather erotic poets on here..

I thank you for your taking the time and allowing me to perhaps share a smile and even some love. I ask that we all share a smile and share our love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.

8 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth the Battle within

  1. Thank you for sharing…
    “Grounded deep within-Change begins we all win”

    Once we understand that its from Deep within we all need to change, and then we begin to change the outer world…
    Thank you 🙂

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