Loving as Eagles dare

Green grass, leaves, Birch, Oak and old willows fair

A lone tall tree, bare mates together a Glorious pair


From high above the bottom of the river they see

Land covered in the glory of all divinity


From the heights of the heavens they fall

Embracing twisting passion love calls


Parting briefly at deaths door

In to the great heights they soar


Crowned with heads of white

Bodies clad in the black of night


Perch of ancient birch home for them

Beauty to the eyes of men


Ancient Birch no longer there

No more will I see the glorious pair

Mating in the suns glare

Loving as only Eagles Dare



 I am sharing quick poem and trying to get my stuff together with this awards thing and quite busy with many necessary tasks. Especially since I am a recovering “Procrastinator”. I still can’t neglect to post a post and catch up on a few when the time is available. Dinner cooks and I have ten minuets so here is the poem. I spent five minutes in serious inquiry with a very admired blogger. I will try and catch up with all the posts I am missing during this time of non procrastination!

Thank you for sharing your time with my thoughts shared and perhaps a smile and some love as well. Thank you and please be the change positive and share your smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with.