You aren’t here

Excruciating cutting blood crimson red

Flowing empty side of our bed, pillow with no head


Haunting silence screams shattered by beautiful dreams

Beautiful dreams shattered by the silence that screams



Time has no meaning when you are dreaming

Time never seems to end when your heart is screaming


The dream I wish was true

Was the one I had with you


I suppose that in the end its true

In my dreams I still hold you

I love the dream I shared with you


A treat for me as I share a thought or two, blogging is a treat for me and as a motivator like that for a pup my little chew toy is a post and the opportunity to read some of my favorite writers works. Thank you for your time and the smile perhaps. I do hope we can all be the change positive and make our world a better place for all we share it with. The change begins within and a smile is a form of love shared please share a smile and share some love be the change positive.




One thought on “You aren’t here

  1. I also write postery and can say it is my first love. Your poem was really poignant. It surprised me and took me to an array of visions and reactions, only to end up back to a place you had hoped to be. We can remedy so much in dreams. Thank you for that. Really well written !

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