Awards and my friend Zahir

Through much consideration it is my feeling that I should and do view the blogging awards in a different perspective than I had been. I was actually being selfish in my humbleness and have a better feel for humility. I am honored and humbled that so many have nominated me for awards, they are a gift and they are a gift that is shared many times over when accepted. That is the gift I was selfish with and I ask that you accept my apologies as over the next few days I go back over the time I spent on here and the comments section finding the awards and accepting as well as posting them with my note of gratitude.

I thank you all and look forward to sharing those gifts with many I share with and share with me who may be more known by such awards. There are many who share a great message and much love shared.


A special thank you to a special reader and friend as well as a Brother in my heart he writes a beautiful blog for the most part and has shared much with me and our world of a very good and positive nature and love. Zahir has read more of my writing than any other and gave me my first award over a year ago. I politely declined in humility and was honored. I did not consider the other ten recipient’s that would share in the gift with me and in turn all that blog here. Bling is somewhat a nice thing and certainly adds color!


Thank you Zahir!


I am grateful for the opportunity to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile. Please be the change positive and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Share a smile share your love and share your gifts… Even if they feel flashy and out of your box they make you shine as you share them.

You aren’t here

Excruciating cutting blood crimson red

Flowing empty side of our bed, pillow with no head


Haunting silence screams shattered by beautiful dreams

Beautiful dreams shattered by the silence that screams



Time has no meaning when you are dreaming

Time never seems to end when your heart is screaming


The dream I wish was true

Was the one I had with you


I suppose that in the end its true

In my dreams I still hold you

I love the dream I shared with you


A treat for me as I share a thought or two, blogging is a treat for me and as a motivator like that for a pup my little chew toy is a post and the opportunity to read some of my favorite writers works. Thank you for your time and the smile perhaps. I do hope we can all be the change positive and make our world a better place for all we share it with. The change begins within and a smile is a form of love shared please share a smile and share some love be the change positive.



Turning the corner

The path to knowledge

Is seeking it


The test of knowledge

Is being sought



Is knowledge of life’s answers


Love of life’s answers

How we respond to the answer

Is how we become Wise

Just had to get one more in before I bury my head in work when I posted earlier I noticed the little side bar saying congratulations that is the 199th post you posted… Now its 200!

Thank you for allowing me to share a smile and a thought or two. I am grateful for those that read my first post and those that read this post. Thank you and please share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive!



The Unexpected… My first day of Creative writing class

The unexpected and a true gift for me I choose to share as I express my thoughts through words and my heart on pages and through time. I started my day a few days ago with February and the month when Poetry and Beautiful things is in its most appreciated time of year. Winter just passing its peak our hearts yearning for spring and the beauty of new growth and the blossoms of new beginning’s.


I have a few poems I have written over the years and am selecting some for various contests and aspiring to be published. I had the chance opportunity to see a friend of mine at work that is a musician and beautiful person knowing his appreciation for the arts and his wisdom I sought his advice. I asked if he knew a school teacher or perhaps a nurse at the hospital we work at that would be willing to share thoughts and edit some of my poetry in exchange for a few dollars.


Then the truly unexpected happened, I have had the desire to truly become a better writer and in general a better artist and human being. My purest gift is that of self expression in what ever form it chooses to manifest itself as I do know Beauty in all of its forms both dark and light. As destiny would have it fate turned the corner and my life once again has been changed with the wind and the sand of time.


The Nurse in charge of training nurses a teacher of sorts rounded the corner, she is a friend that has a very kind heart. As we exchanged hello’s and briefly discussed my situation she informed me that there was a man at the hospital that conducted a creative writing class and loved poetry. As a Veteran the class is free and I could get the input I needed to improve my skills and create better works.


I went to work and in a few short minutes my friend the teacher of nurses came to our job site and had one of my coworkers come and get me. She had gone to her office and called the Art and recreation counselor and as it were that day was the creative writing class and I was welcome to attend. I walked with her towards her office as she talked. We rounded the corner after coming out of the stair well and there walked no other than the man himself the Art and Recreation director counselor chief cook and bottle washer.


We chatted briefly and I explained my objective to which he assured me that he would do his part to help me in my quest. Class was at 12:30 till 2:00 and I should be there and get at least familiar with the class and meet some people that would love to help edit some of my poems and get them entered in the local and national Veterans Art competitions.


I made arrangements to take a later lunch and start early so I could attend the class, I arrived a few minutes early no quite knowing what to expect yet filled with excitement reaching for the stars following my heart’s desire and the light that guides it. I was then given a gift even more precious than the ones before that the day had given. The class was a group of veterans that chose to share and express themselves through written words as therapy to heal and to share life’s experiences and their love through creative writing.


It was an honor and is an honor to be given the opportunity to learn and grow with those men and women on so many levels. I know not what they thought of me as I shared my thoughts I do know however what I thought as I shared those moments of my first Creative Writing class. With the sincerest of gratitude I share with twist of fate a great gift of destiny to become a better writer artist and better human being starting my first class in such beautiful company.


Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and express myself through words and my hopes to bring a smile and some love to another. I was given the gift of a bit of education that I was not in a position to afford Financially, the interaction with fellow human beings that have endured great pain both physically and emotionally and the gift of empathy and love that they bring to my heart. All gifts that will add depth and beauty to my creation of art in any form it chooses to manifest. My true gift self-expression through art. Please be the change positive and share smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.


PS… I am killing two birds with one stone here as it was my choice of writing assignments to share my day and the way it came to be that I was in the class and what I discovered along the way. I am now over my word limit a few words….