Created from many souls

Crafted of wood and gold

Yet only half the story told


Body of rose, ash, mahogany

Carved, crafted, devotedly

Loved and created with gentle hands


Strung and tuned pegged

Scroll unique body with holes

Chin Rest finger board below


To be complete it needs its mate

One with which its heart resonates


Together with the soul of each

The soul of both together speak


The passion the beauty of yet another

Truly lets them share the voice

The song of love within each other


The soul felt love enchants all

When shared from the soul

There are no walls


The gift they bring

Lights the souls

Paupers and kings

I share a thought and a smile as well as the gifts of another. I hope you enjoy them and please share a smile and some love helping our world become a better place for all we share it with.



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