Kings, Queens and Lucid dreams

King and Queens

Living lucid dreams


Kingdoms built Castles fall

Built of illusions walls


Silence overthrown

Empty throne sits alone

The heavens now I roam


King of none

Only one king

King of one


Queens depart and leave

The gifts they weave

Gifts given and received


The King is love

The Queen is too

Living lucidly inside of you


Love inside

Reigns far and wide

Reaching for the outside


Lucid dreams

Not always what they seem


Love reigns Supreme

Over every King and Queen

Live love and lucid dreams


Become a true King

Be a true Queen

Let your love your inner being

Be love and be Supreme


Leave the throne

In heaven roam

Live love and never be alone


Inside this King

Queens have shared many things

The greatest of which is love Supreme


Shared love of lucid dreams

God above and within all beings

Shares the greatest gift Love Supreme

It is in everything even lucid dreams

I share a thought and perhaps a smile once again through art and the gift of self expression and the love of creation. I hope we can all share our expression with each other and our world with love and kindness making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for your time and sharing it with me. I am grateful and wish to share on more thought. Please share a smile share your love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.


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