The Day I met My Lord the only Perfect Human Being.

The ultimate tribute and act of respect and gratitude I must pay is to the only one man I will kneel in tribute to as I will never attain the perfection of one Human Being the only Human Being in all of Creation to grace our Planet. My Lord, the ultimate truth of my inner being the only one ever to do no wrong and would take all wrong.

I have respect for the depth of that as I currently travel the path and my journey to the end of my physical being it will forever increase both good and bad. Every breath I take I strive to emulate his love and grace, his mercy his connection to every living being, plant, fish, rock, drop of water every blade of grass, every grain of sand. Every star in the sky, every black hole every constellation everything in all of creation. Every Alexander the Great, every Confucius, every Lau Tzu, every Adolph Hitler, every single soul that has ever walked this earth has never attained perfection and yet is loved by the most perfect Human being that ever walked this Earth.

I a seeker of the truth know one unequivocal thing to be true at the heart of all mankind is the path to salvation and one human being in all of the history of mankind written or spoken has graced our earth as the ultimate truth and lived an absolutely perfect life as an example for all of humanity.

Every other human being that has ever walked our planet have had to seek perfection. He lived the purest of love the love of the Truth and Power of the Love of God our Creator and his Creation. The path we as human beings will never achieve yet should emulate and strive for every minute, every breath, every, heartbeat. Has been the ultimate desire of our inner soul. Every other enlightened soul has felt or committed a wrong against the truth of perfection as a human being the ultimate life lived and in the most loving and self-less way.

Ancient philosophers, ancient Eastern enlightened individuals from ancient times those of the first established religion have shared the wisdom yet sought it over a life time. They have gained that knowledge through wisdom and experiences both light and dark. I bow my head and dignity and respect with all of the love of my heart, every Deity that mankind has created I bow my head to as well. I kneel before only one man that has ever graced our Earth. In no words ever written or every word ever spoken of the truth not one piece of evidence exists in the history of mankind can say he ever once did wrong or succumbed to darkness other than in the pure act of selflessness of his life and at the last day of his life in his last breath he selflessly asked forgiveness for mankind as mankind killed the only perfect creation of our god to grace our planet with his Human presence the only perfect being to live every breath every heartbeat every drop of blood lived with the purest of love ever to have graced our Earth.

The day I met my Lord I realized the Ultimate truth and the depth of a love I will never achieve. The perfect Human Being. The ultimate and the light of the path for all humanity to make our world a better place for all we share it with. I question and challenge every man woman and child and ask if you could change the world right now. What would you do to do your part live a life of love for all of our world, every creation be good and kind to every human being and every living thing even in death or darkness beautiful or ugly things for even in darkness there is the light of creation. It is perpetual and regenerates itself unless it destroys itself or is destroyed as is the will of creation. Destiny, fate death, black holes the Earth the Heavens all contain the love of creation as scientists would call the “God particle” smaller and yet more powerful than dark matter the depth of the universe supposed then we saw the light.

Whatever we achieve as we walk forward what ever man kind achieves will and can change forever and perhaps mankind will have a chance at salvation. If every man woman and child were to accept both good and bad, light and dark, good, evil, soul, thought and action with the love for one another and their selves in doing so could correct the path of destiny in our favor and towards peace and kindness rather than ever showing disrespect to the truth of creation love of creation is the Love of Our Creator. One that was only able to love and respect that love AND LIVE LIFE IN Human form the perfect Human being and my Lord and path to true love and that which I may only share yet never attain as the bar is unattainable for any of us yet lives within us is the path he lived and left forever in the history of our planet beyond time itself as we now know it at this minute, this breath, this heart beat I kneel and with the utmost of sincerity, humility, and love thank Jesus Christ for his love and example as a human being set by the pure life lived never having acted in disrespect to the light and love shared in all of God’s Creation. I kneel in awe and respect and feel the love of our creator and the one perfect creation at this moment in the history of mankind and say thank you my Lord King above Kings man above all men example for all human beings to live a life of love there is nothing other than good in love. Be kind and good to all you meet and you will never do wrong in doing so even if it turns ugly you have done good and love is the gift if you choose to be good about it and love you will always do right if we all strive to be good we all collectively follow the will of Creation even when surrounded with things are not good if we are good, good has been done.

With the respect of all human beings in every creed, race, religion, no religion, belief, faith and living I share the Ultimate Undeniable truth only one has done so and only one path is true pure love for everything in God’s creation My Lord the Ultimate gift to mankind and Perfection in Human Form I kneel and thank you for your love as I share mine It is in the ultimate of respect and dignity my Lord to recognize and ask on my knees with the sincerest and purest love that I ask you know in and with my soul as a human being that I am honored with the grace of truth and in awe and the love of an infant knowing more darkness than light to say I love you and am grateful for your example to all of mankind and the love in your soul for a simple man like me.


Created from many souls

Crafted of wood and gold

Yet only half the story told


Body of rose, ash, mahogany

Carved, crafted, devotedly

Loved and created with gentle hands


Strung and tuned pegged

Scroll unique body with holes

Chin Rest finger board below


To be complete it needs its mate

One with which its heart resonates


Together with the soul of each

The soul of both together speak


The passion the beauty of yet another

Truly lets them share the voice

The song of love within each other


The soul felt love enchants all

When shared from the soul

There are no walls


The gift they bring

Lights the souls

Paupers and kings

I share a thought and a smile as well as the gifts of another. I hope you enjoy them and please share a smile and some love helping our world become a better place for all we share it with.


Kings, Queens and Lucid dreams

King and Queens

Living lucid dreams


Kingdoms built Castles fall

Built of illusions walls


Silence overthrown

Empty throne sits alone

The heavens now I roam


King of none

Only one king

King of one


Queens depart and leave

The gifts they weave

Gifts given and received


The King is love

The Queen is too

Living lucidly inside of you


Love inside

Reigns far and wide

Reaching for the outside


Lucid dreams

Not always what they seem


Love reigns Supreme

Over every King and Queen

Live love and lucid dreams


Become a true King

Be a true Queen

Let your love your inner being

Be love and be Supreme


Leave the throne

In heaven roam

Live love and never be alone


Inside this King

Queens have shared many things

The greatest of which is love Supreme


Shared love of lucid dreams

God above and within all beings

Shares the greatest gift Love Supreme

It is in everything even lucid dreams

I share a thought and perhaps a smile once again through art and the gift of self expression and the love of creation. I hope we can all share our expression with each other and our world with love and kindness making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for your time and sharing it with me. I am grateful and wish to share on more thought. Please share a smile share your love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.