A short post as I still let my deep thoughts resonate… A thought and sentiment to consider.

I share this song as I am listening to some music and consider how to express my thoughts. I was challenged and inspired by a friend and fellow Blogger Clark Kent. The subject and the conversation shared with my friend has given me much thought and as is my nature the depth and significance of his challenge intrigues me and inspires me to find the truth within.  I will say in advance the song I share has some vulgarity yet it has its place in the message shared.



I share this song and its sentiment as it is an everyday thing and is all around us and in us. I do know what it is like as I look in the eyes of those I share with that are far less fortunate and fight demons that most will never have to confront from street level. Some people have no support of family or a group of friends and society shuns them as well the song says it all.

Those that benefit most are all of us when we share even a simple smile and a gift of love with those in a bad way or those in a good way. Love shared is a win win! Please be the change positive share a smile and your love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for your time and your shared smiles it is an honor to share with you and you with I.

2 thoughts on “A short post as I still let my deep thoughts resonate… A thought and sentiment to consider.

  1. This is wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for sharing! I’ve heard this song before and enjoyed the refrain and heard some of the lyrics, but I’ve not bought the CD or understood all of what it was saying. I want to buy it now! This video with lyrics tells an important story and I am so thankful to you for sharing it. There are marginalized parts of society which I understand too well: child abuse, teenage runaways, homelessness, spousal abuse, poverty, (and more) which touched my life closely. Also I have friends who’ve been terribly touched by racism and homophobia. So yes, let us all walk a mile in someone’s shoes. The expression about “Glass Houses” or Jesus’ scolding about who shall throw the first stone comes to mind. We are all cut from the same cloth in a great and glorious tapestry of humanity. Thanks again for sharing!

    • I like your use of the lesson shared by Jesus as that is what came to mind as I heard the song years ago. The words resonated in my heart and as one who lives with his heart tears came to my eyes as I see the way that our fellow man treats each other. I also must say the gift you share with such a well expressed and from the heart comment is priceless to me and my soul. Thank you for sharing your love with me and all you touch! I am as we all are grateful, thank you!

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