Change from within

The waves relentless and ever changing

The depth, height and the power

Raging my heart, mind and soul the falling tower


In the wind gentle or roar, birds high they soar

They flutter down to the ground

The house of cards fallen down



Rain falling, rivers flow changing currents

Deep and shallow, wide and narrow

The tears and anguish emotions my souls marrow



Sun shining cool breeze blows

Joy and happiness the bones



Snow topped mountain made of stone

Solitude, time alone a gift for my soul to grow

Always loved and never forsaken



Mines and wells filled with shadows

The pain and depth the sacred hallow

My life though dark has never been shallow



The light of the moon and its eerie glow

Love of my Lord fills my soul



Even in the worst of times

Torches burning in my mind

Loving the Great Divine


I share this little poem as I am moved to and wish to share a smile and some love in my own way. I hope we can all share a smile and some love, making our world a better place for all we share it with. My original thoughts to be shared will wait for clarity as the thoughts are very deep and very emotional and best shared with a clear heart and mind.

Thank you for your time and your reading my posts I am grateful for the opportunity. Please be the change positive and share a smile and your love our world needs it!

2 thoughts on “Change from within

  1. This was so deep and when you wrote “Even in the worst of times

    Torches burning in my mind

    Loving the Great Divine” I could not help but smile. Truly inspirational and a fine poetic ensemble.

    • I am truly flattered and grateful for your comment and the compliment. I appreciate your thoughts and as I admire your writing and depth it is an honor that you share them. Thank you!

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