A poem and Artist I admire

Sometimes the world around me seems so overwhelming in its complications and its simplicity. Life is an ever changing journey that has only one physical truth one mental truth and one spiritual truth or so it feels at this moment in the ever changing and constant time. As time directs me where to go, so does a whirlwind of thoughts and creative energy encouraging me to color outside the lines.


Expression as well as art and education are not limited to one perspective as many find beauty in something and others choose not to. The gift we are all given is the ability to express ourselves, a funny thing I have observed is that people who do or do not express themselves have different levels of happiness. Sometimes we gain, great gifts of knowledge from the expression shared by another, in fact many times others share great wisdom and knowledge.


Art in its various forms of creative expression seems to be the most appreciated and honored of gifts to mankind through the gifts of the divine and the inspiration of the connected soul. Many times the artist is before his time and not until after they are parted from Earth is the true gift appreciated. Music, Poetry, Paintings, Sculptures, Books of many types Literature some new some old passed through time to enrich our minds.


I wish to share a few lines from an Artist who fits a category of one that was truly gifted and divinely inspired and for me inspiring and appreciated as well as Loved. His gift shared with many is used in classrooms around the world and the most known work is actually only partially read and quoted. It is a long Poem so I will share a link and the first couple of verses. The depth and heart shared is a gift for all that choose to enjoy the creative expression of heart and soul shared by a man who cared.


William Blake 1757-1827

William Blake – Auguries of Innocence

To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour.


A robin redbreast in a cage

Puts all heaven in a rage.



It is one of my favorite poems and a heartfelt gift of love to us all as, beautiful as a work of art should be standing alone over the course of time enriching many minds.


Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and those of another that have touched my heart and mind. Many of William Blake’s poems and his paintings are in my mind truly inspired as they stand the test of time and quality. I hope to have shared a smile, and as that we all Please share a smile and some love, making our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive as with a smile the change begins within.