Sunshine in my mind

Dark clouds and thunder strike

Unfaithful heart bringing strife

Lightning strikes in the dark

Inner journey to light starts

Burned and charred forests landscape black

The creation of divine works of art

The trees stripped bare, the leaves gone yet to return

The surges of the tidal roar, the sands to and fro move

Inner change the beginning anew as for spring the soul yearns

The wind and rain the dirt and sand the water the life of earth and man

Inside the one that you are is a connection from near and far

The drink we all share and benefit from is inside of one

Flowers and food for all, the creatures of the forest the fish in the sea

The gardens and the horses the animals wild and untamed

When inside our minds the light shines we commune with the divine

A thought shared through self expression and art a positive way to freely express ones creative energy and share a smile and some of my heart. I am grateful for your time and presence shared. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Please be the change positive it starts within and brings goodness out.

3 thoughts on “Sunshine in my mind

  1. We are the change…. it all has to start within…. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here… if only all of us could share a little creative energy and some love, what a very different world we would then create…

    • I think we all by sharing here are indeed the change and from within sharing our good outwards we are indeed making change positive in our world. there are more now I feel that are open minded and willing to accept and change from within than ever in the history of our planet. Just the simple observation of how many choose to express themselves on wordpress. Thank you Sue for your part in being the change positive and being a being of light and love. I am grateful you chose to share your words and taking the time to share a smile.

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