The thing or gift I am most Grateful for..

I choose to share my Deepest gratitude and the power of the lessons taught and learned by love and the love of my soul with the love of the divine. I have sought love true and as a gift through my journey of life I begin to understand love true. I have through unrequited love over many times learned the truth about the power of love true. I share this as my last release of fear of love disappears.


I have pursued love in my life since birth although surrounded by it, the ones I loved the most hurting me in various ways. Most unintentional, some very intentional, from not acknowledging to beatings and out right denial of love. The hurts of infidelity and being abandoned the ecstasy and passion of sexual love and the rejection of the same. The rejection of physical touch and human touch as well as the emotion detachment and feelings of hate.


I had the thought that the path of a partnership would be the way and in fact I have had many on the path of life of all religions, faiths no faith color, nationality rich and poor. All have taught me about the power of love. Both requited and unrequited, lessons shared in person and those reflected in the news and my life’s observations and lessons learned through experience.


The first lesson learned is that quite contrary to the things on the news is that when you are experiencing real human beings for the most part we all are good at heart. From the meals I have shared with many of many different backgrounds, levels of education and levels of class, religion or color of the skin when you actually sit and talk from the good of yourself people generally share the good of themselves. The news and the media as well as the belief that our church is better than yours doesn’t work if you have no church yet have faith in our Creator.


The second lesson and a far deeper one involves the relationship’s with the Queens of my heart. Through the bitter feelings of abandonment and unrequited love I learned the gift and depth of love true. My greatest gift and true freedom come from the ones I loved and cherished the most and hurt me the most. The latest contrary to the song cut the deepest not the first. The thought that I after all the trials of relationships and the work on myself the books read the experiences of life the depth of feeling. That I could fail and somehow lose everything I had asked for loved and believed in just walk away and never even explain or say anything other than what turned out to be false.


From the combined I learned unconditional love, and in the end my truest most sincere gratitude is to unrequited love and abandonment and the power of love true. Love true is what we seem to fear the most and never truly seek. It contains many bitter sweet lessons of both love and hate. Both sides of the fence light and dark, good and evil both shape us and both make us who we are and who we portray we are. My path was such as I sought love true from my youth, like everything else I have learned in life I had to learn the hard way. To truly understand anything the depth of creation it took to create that object is the depth we understand or the depth of our desire and perception is where our learning stops. The depth of love true is beyond the scope of my knowledge and I would venture with confidence say beyond human knowledge.


The power of love true is unlimited and we all share it in different ways as individuals. The fact is as societies and groups of minds not set on good, create un good in the world. The truth is when we do un good that brings un good to our souls when we experience the extremes of both you truly understand both. When you recognize the good side of yourself no matter where you are on the path of life and you will be on the path to love true.


I was given a comment earlier on a post of thanksgiving. I had left out the most cherished gift in a way out of respect to Thanksgiving not being a Holiday to be sharing such deep thoughts and from my heart love true. Then I learned the greatest lesson of all through reflection of my own heart and the goodness within. Love true is the real you, the depth of pain is the love you have gained. The seeds you have sown have grown the seasons of snow and ice, the sun and rain, the death and rebirth the love leaves the hate behind and the fear of being and with sincerity, humility and grace sharing my greatest treasure and gift I am most grateful for a gift from my Lord for without loving and acknowledging the Being side of myself I would not know the power of love true. His gift if you seek it however I will say it is a life long journey for a simple man like me to earn and it’s depths would take eternity to learn and experience.


I believe it was John Lennon who said the love you make is equal to the love you take or something to that effect. Well I share this thought, “The depth of love true is the depth of our lives lived from the heart with goodness. Live a life of loving yourself and you will love your fellow human beings it is not possible out of love to hurt another human being without hurting yourself.” It may be close to what another has shared that is because the being in him as in me has shared our souls with the Divine. There are many and I hope many more will accept the challenge and reap the reward the gift of love true. Love true is good, forgiving, accepting, sharing, caring, being, living, loving hand in hand with the will of the divine every moment you chose to do so.” Every moment you live with love reflects back to you the distance traveled paints a beautiful picture.”


Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and gratitude on the day of Thanks in the U.S. I hope can all share our love and make our world a better place for all we share it with. Please share a smile and some love and be the change positive… Happy Thanksgiving!