My thoughts on our times…

Long ago in times of old

The fate of man was foretold


When time began at the dawn of man

From one we formed groups or clans


As groups and clans we together rose

That was when the troubles arose


Jealousy, rage, greed and fear began

 Evils ours and that of our fellow man


Time it passed and the Clans they grew

Evil and cruelty the worst of man did too


The wisest men of ancient times

Tried to enlighten human kind


As the centuries pass the lessons forgotten

When did man choose to be so rotten


As I observe the world we share

Wars, famine, children in despair


I ask the question why even care

The wisdom is there for all to share


Life is sacred on all the Earth

It’s written in all since birth


Taking life is not the way

A millennium ago or today


Dignity and love are free

Sharing them brings liberty


Passionate love brings positive things

Passionate hate destruction brings


Presidents, Kings, and Religious minds

Bring love to our world and save mankind


Sands and fields of grass Cities of our past

Will do none any good if they are turned to glass


Vengeance, evil, war and death

The killing of each other makes no sense


Loving and caring for our fellow man

Is the Superior plan    



 My thoughts shared as I read all the rhetoric and negativity happening in our world particularly the Middle East, the home of the two of the biggest Religions which profess to believe life is sacred. Both of which believe living a loving good life is the passage to ” Heaven”. In-sighting World War 3 is not the path of Righteous or good nor is there any love in the violence and destruction of another. I wonder are the prayers for the destruction of our neighbors to bring peace or are they for and in honor of good and the stopping of destruction through love and understanding, acceptance. When we talk peace do we greet with a smile and sincere heart grieved for the death on both sides? How can we do that packing guns and brandishing swords? 

Thank you again for allowing me to share my thoughts in what I hope is a non offensive way expressed through art and love of my heart for all Human beings and life on our Earth that share with us. I hope we can share a smile share some love and make the change positive making our world a better place for all.