The end of the storm

The Black clouds living in the shadow

Sometimes bringing rain to spaces hallow


Lightning strikes and thunder roars

Higher and higher destination soars


From the stormy seas the isolation

The screams of desperation


Through the storm hearts are torn

Not aware of the feeling warm


Just as the rain falls the wind howls

The pain comes up from the bowels


The storm it ends just as it came

The sun in its power makes it lame


On the Horizon it appears to be

A Beautiful life waiting for me

My small contribution for the day, I am actually quite busy studying learning to type and bringing my home environment up to as my mom say’s above prison standards. She made me laugh as I am an artistic person with a vary deep appreciation of Beauty. I am painting a variety of pictures surround myself  with a variety of flowers and colors. I had basically just neglected to make my space home. Compared to where I have been over the last 6 years I live in Luxury. I have a beautiful space and should respect it more with some touches of love… My mother opened my eye’s with her comment of being shocked at my apartment feeling like a cell. She has become accustomed to my style and the fact she raised such a man. My space is always clean and artsy with taste and class, I worked on it for the last few weeks. Today my mom came over for breakfast and as we talked she said storms over I see.

The poem was inspired by a fellow blogger I have a great admiration for. The posts shared are in the words of many an uncanny coincidence paralleling my own journey and thoughts. It seems that many that share on here are in many ways connected and at the same place even though we are many miles apart. At the end of every storm comes the calm and the sun! I hope all that are coming out of a storm may find the treasure at the end of the rainbow! The love of our Creator the greatest treasure of all.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a smile. I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.