A tribute to the Ancestors

In the deep of Ancient minds our Ancestor’s wisdom for us to find

The knowledge shared from words that cared helping people of every kind


Messages that stand through time, inspired by the great Divine

Even before the time of Christ gives us much great advice


The books of old and their story’s told the mystery of life unfolds

The story that they seem to tell the one we don’t hear so well


When you are with good heart when you are sincere within

The changing of your world begins the goodness starts to change without


Sages, Shamans, Philosophers and story tellers of old

Sent us messages to guide us to our souls


The truth has been around so long artists have written it in song

Goodness within does no wrong


Thank you for your time to read and allow me to share some thoughts expressed through art as best as I can share in this form. In our world of technology and information traveling at the speed of light it is my desire to share a bit of the past. The ways of old in all the regions of the Earth produced much wisdom that it seems would if taken to heart would solve much of the problems of mankind and society. Not all applies completely the message is clear to all of us however that the evil of man  as well as the good of man begins within. With the wisdom of the ancients shared the good over the course of time is the proper state of mind.


Thank you again and please share a smile and your love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Be the change positive!