Meditation on my mind

Clarity of thought an empty mind

Light not darkness left the world behind


In the dark chasm the empty void

Nothing but the stars and asteroids


The troubles of earthly form

Into the Universe you are born


The petty things that were in your day

The light in the darkness takes away


Hero’s present of ancient lore

Awesome and mighty lions roar


Silence is golden when you’re here

Leaving behind your human ears


The sights all seen behind closed eyes

Without them seeking and becoming wise


The journey we take inside ourselves

Takes us to places like nowhere else


Close you’re your eyes let your mind be free

Then you will know who you can truly be


My shared thought expressed through art. I hope you enjoy it and that it may bring a smile or two. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and your time taken to read them. I hope we can all share a smile and some love being the change positive, making our world a better place for that we share it with.

5 thoughts on “Meditation on my mind

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    • I do believe that is one of the finest compliments I have ever been given. Thank you for the smile and the honor of your shared thought. I am grateful that you feel the depth of my heart through my words. I must be doing something right.

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