Grandpa a Veteran’s Dream for his Grandchildren a United Nation.

As a Veteran my family and friends as well as my fellow citizens are the reason that we have a military in the first place. So as a Veteran and a Grandpa I choose to share a thought and some feelings from this simple mans heart. First Thank you, to all of our Veterans past, present and future. Last year I spent the afternoon hours on top of a mountain in silent prayer. This year I spent it in a Church that I have not attended in 35 years.


One of my nephews is going away on a Mission to Canada for his Religion to convert souls to their cause. I say their cause because it seemed to me just as in my youth that the church was the cause, not the love of our Lord or our fellow man unless of course you were of the church or willing to be converted. I never heard a please thank you or an I love you Lord / God in one perspective I suppose being there was an act of love. That experience and the phone call from a beautiful man and his two children inspire me to share a modern view from the perspective of simple man and a Veteran.


My friend and son lives in North Carolina, he has a beautiful wife and three children. I love them dearly and admire their strength and courage. My son is white, his wife is an Arab and two children are from her previous husband an African American and one his. They live in an area of the United States where the racial and ethnic divide is well pronounced and for much of the south it still is.


I myself have with those children experienced on both sides of the fence the nasty treatment of those that are different, and the opposite side of shared love. My grandchildren are growing up being scared and turned dark by the hurtful and hateful ways of our fellow Human Beings.


As a Veteran I look at the way that some people behave and wonder why I would be willing to die to defend such citizens and fellow human beings. As a Veteran of the United States Army I question why again would I be willing to die for such Citizens? We as a nation if we look in the mirror are ugly, we talk of being united yet we are the most un united we have ever been. Even the first congress with all of their differences of wants needs and opinions in the end came up with a plan that was united and when done with the American Revolution began the first Nation of it’s kind.


As time went on until the Civil war the Nation grew and as it grew consciousness grew as well for many. The Nation of the free wasn’t truly free. For freedom of all citizens the Nation went to war to Unite the Nation. The war ended and the Nation moved forward consciousness grew and even more the Nation made it voice heard resulting in the Civil Rights Movement sparked by the unjust and freedom restricting voice of evil at the treating of it’s people with less that the all are equal and free in the home of the brave.

All of us are taught not to be a poor loser when we are young yet here we are as a Nation divided because our candidate didn.t win wanting to fight over the toys in the sand box. As a Veteran I ask why can’t we support the People choice even if different than our own personal choice and be gracious losers? I hear so much Negative no matter what side of the fence you are on. They won’t help because they don’t want him to win. What? It is us as Human Beings that lose. It is I as a Veteran that loses the most.


As a Patriot and a Citizen of the United States and the World I am a man of Honor and was willing to fight and die as many are for a Dream the Dream of One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all. A Nation where every man was created equal We the People for the People by the People. We elect our leaders to represent and take care of our Nation or us! Is not the Honor of the men and women tarnished by the leaders who do not unite and lead.


As we share this day in honor of our Veterans we as citizens and our Leaders should find a way to be united and honor the Honour of our men and women the Brave of the Land of the Brave and free. Being brave ourselves and uniting for the Love of the American Dream and the dream of every Human being living in a land where all are truly equal and free. Love of our Nation our dream and our fellow citizens is the path towards our Nation healing and becoming truly United and free. Setting an example for the rest of the world not through force but through unity.


I do hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and feelings with you. Be the change positive and share a smile as well as your love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.

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